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Where Are We Now? State of SAP Migrations to the Cloud.


We had a fun event in March in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

During the event, we did a poll of our audience.

Depending on which survey you read, you’ll see that in the beginning of 2020, either 95% or 99% of all SAP practitioners say they have begun moving their SAP Estate to the cloud.

But what I have not seen in these polls is how much have they moved, just dipping a toe in the water, or are we all fully gung ho on the cloud and vast swaths of our SAP Landscapes are already in the cloud?

To address this little mystery, we polled our audience, a collection of US based SAP and Cloud architects, Directors of IT, Directors of ERP – people whose daily job actually revolves around this question.

The results are quite illuminating:

Our attendees said an average of 33% of their SAP estate is already on the cloud

  • But… averages are very mis-leading as the actual results are very clustered around just a few percentages:
    • 33.3% – 0% on the cloud
    • 6.7% – 5% on the cloud
    • 26.7% – 50% on the cloud
    • 13.3% – 90% on the cloud
    • 6.7% – 100% on the cloud
  • On the Multi vs  Single Cloud question
    • 12% all AWS
    • 82% multi-cloud
    • 6% private cloud only

Do comment and let us know what your answer might be. Or if you prefer, you can just email me instead!

And the event was truly something, we had live music, we had a tik-tok challenge, we had Guinness food pairings, and of course some lively IT discussions. Don’t believe me? Well check it out yourself:

Would you like to attend these fun SUSE events yourself? Well just email me! In fact, we’re running a fun whiskey one for our Canadian contingent, SUSE wants to shower some love on the Great White North! Intrigued? Again, just email me to be put on the list. 🙂

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