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Navigating the Ever-Evolving Landscape of Cybersecurity Threats


In daily interactions with tech leaders, the term Digital Trust almost always comes up.  Organizations want to ensure that their customers feel safe interacting with them digitally, that their data is secure and that the systems they interact with are reliable. It’s apparent that building a Digital Trust relationship is a vital objective for any organization that digitally connects with its customers.


Cybersecurity: The Ever-Evolving Battle

Security threats are constantly evolving. With everything from potential nation-state threat actors to increasingly common ransomware attacks, cybersecurity leaders and their teams face an overwhelming array of challenges.

Not surprisingly, security is a particularly hot topic for Kubernetes and container management. As more business-critical applications and use cases rely on Kubernetes and containers, the scope for potential attacks grows. These systems run in various places, from data centers to multiple clouds and all the way out to the edge. This increase in connectivity and the speed at which information is shared create an expansive attack surface that is both intimidating and challenging for organizations to secure.

Organizations often express their struggle to keep up with these evolving security risks, given that they are implicitly entrusted with this task by their customers, partners and stakeholders. It’s a never-ending battle to stay one step ahead to ensure sensitive data and systems remain protected. They understand that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly in flux, and if they fail to adapt, they risk losing the Digital Trust they have worked so hard to foster.


Tackling Threats: A Strategic Approach

To navigate this expansive landscape, organizations should concentrate on three strategic areas:


  • Proactive Threat Intelligence: This is the first line of defense. It involves continually scanning the digital environment, understanding emerging threats, and being aware of potential exposure points within your organization. Robust threat intelligence programs are essential to stay ahead of potential hazards and facilitate better preparation and response to possible attacks.


  • Continuous Security Monitoring: Early detection of a threat or breach minimizes the impact on your organization. Using advanced analytics and machine learning tools for continuous security monitoring allows real-time threat detection and helps address issues before they escalate.


  • Comprehensive Data Security and Protection: Protecting data is a multi-faceted task. It requires a solid approach to authorization and authentication management to ensure that only authorized identities have access to sensitive information. Additionally, a comprehensive data backup strategy is essential to ensure data can be recovered in case of a breach or system failure. Then, a robust disaster recovery plan is necessary to restore operations after an incident.


The SUSE Approach: Security Across the Entire Stack

At SUSE, our offerings address these strategic areas comprehensively. We use our deep Linux expertise to provide secure, immutable infrastructure management at the OS level and ensure security at the application level through secure coding practices, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

At the container level, companies can maintain rigorous control over who can access and manage their Kubernetes clusters and what actions they can perform. With Rancher, we employ a policy-driven approach to security, allowing companies to define and enforce specific security configurations for their Kubernetes workloads. This means that the organization can define a security baseline and ensure all clusters adhere to it, minimizing the risk of misconfigurations that could compromise security.

Following our acquisition of NeuVector, we have bolstered our application layer security, making us a strong fit for organizations seeking to build secure code from the development stage to runtime. Our robust security posture allows us to provide comprehensive and integrated security solutions from the bottom to the top of the stack.


Ensuring Digital Trust

SUSE’s approach to Digital Trust combines technological solutions with our organizational and operational philosophies. We prioritize customer needs and build solutions that help them establish and sustain their Digital Trust relationships with their clients. Across our entire portfolio of Linuxcontainer management, and edge solutions, we ensure that security and Digital Trust are integral components of our offerings.


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