By: Thomas Helmer

Janeiro 22, 2021 10:34 pm


The Best Reason to move your SAP workloads to Google Cloud with SUSE

  There are many technical reasons to move your SAP workloads to Google Cloud Platform with SUSE. Google owns the network; in fact, 40% of all internet traffic uses its network at some point. A simple selection of Confidential VM for your compute engine gives you an environment where your data remains encrypted in […]

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By: asramos

outubro 3, 2018 2:50 am


SUSE CaaS Platform 3 validado on-premisse para SAP Data Hub 2.3

Nós estamos felizes em compartilhar a notícia que a solução SUSE CaaS Plataform 3 on-premisse é validado para SAP Data Hub 2.3. Veja o SAP Note 2686169. SUSE CaaS Platform 3 SUSE CaaS Platform é a solução da SUSE de Plataforma de Container como […]

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