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The short answer is NO. A US pharmaceutical company (I will update this with the name as soon as the case study is completed) needed to improve their IT operations and reduce their costs. Their on-premises SAP servers were not holding up to the stress the business demanded. Knowing they needed to do something and do it quickly, they called on Managecore – experts in SAP, Google Cloud Platform, and SUSE aficionados. The folks at Managecore were able to complete the SAP migration from on-premises, with an O/S that shall not be named, to Google Cloud – using the number 1 O/S for SAP, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server. And they did it in 12 weeks!.

Do you want to know how? I do. That’s why I am registered for their webinar and I’d recommend you join me. Come and check it out, SAP HANA® Migration to the Google Cloud Platform in 12 Weeks: Lessons Learned From FFF Enterprises Go-Live Project . The webinar is scheduled on August 20, 2019 at 11:00AM Central Daylight Time. I am looking forward to hearing about how they did the migration in 12 weeks.

Come learn how Managecore crossed the finish line and Join the Best!

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