The Secret to Delivering SAP Solutions with High Security, Reliability and Cost Savings


SAP solutions are at the heart of business operations across the globe. In fact, 99 out of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers – not to mention thousands of SMEs. SAP offers businesses a simplified way of connecting multiple parts of its operations, improving data processing and the flow of information. SAP HANA delivers business processes and analytics in real-time. But what is the secret to delivering SAP deployments with the security and reliability that customers need and expect? And how do you ensure they are getting value for money?

The answer all lies in choosing the right IT infrastructure. SUSE is one of the most trusted open-source platforms to run SAP solutions. At SUSE we have been partners with HPE, the leading SAP HANA hardware provider for more than 25 years. Together our achievements have been exemplary, from jointly delivering secure Linux, to container management and other market-leading solutions. Now, as companies strive for Digital Transformation with SAP HANA, HPE and SUSE are delivering the leading hardware and software infrastructure to guarantee that customers can maximize the value of their SAP deployments.

Why SUSE and HPE

The long-standing collaboration and joint projects between HPE and SUSE, provides reassurance to customers. HPE’s market-leading hybrid cloud platform, HPE GreenLake, has SUSE at its core – including every HPE GreenLake solution for SAP HANA. It also extends the benefits of consumption-based, pay-as-you-go pricing to SUSE customers. As a provider of SAP RISE, HPE has ensured that SUSE is part of the reference architecture of RISE with SAP. Even HPE Serviceguard for Linux, that protects applications and services from planned and unplanned downtime, runs on SUSE.

SUSE and SAP Makes Sense

SUSE is not only integral to HPE, it’s also a foundation stone for SAP’s own internal and external systems. With over two decades of partnership and co-development between SUSE and SAP, it’s no surprise that SUSE is part of SAP’s reference development platform. It’s reassuring to know that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is an SAP Endorsed App with advanced features to deploy, configure, and manage SAP systems. As a result, systems administrators can work more efficiently and run the full SAP system stack confidently on-premises and in the cloud.

SUSE & HPE Maximize the Value of SAP Deployments

Our customers can achieve ZERO downtime on their SAP deployments by choosing to run their IT infrastructure on HPE and SUSE. This reliability ensures customers can deploy, configure, and protect the full SAP system stack quickly, reliably, and confidently on-premises and in the cloud and maximize the initial cost of their investment. For many customers, our secure platform already provides a solid foundation to embark on or continue with innovation or digital transformation projects. And for those who are yet to move to a HPE and SUSE infrastructure, we can’t wait to help you get there.

Cost Savings, High Availability and Security

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