Experian Case Study

Experian uses software defined storage to manage data boom with HPE and SUSE.

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HPE and SUSE Highlights

Check out 7 facts and wins including SAP HANA leadership and OpenStack Collaboration.

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HPE, SUSE and Microsoft

Winning combination! HPE Creates World’s First Enterprise-Class Scalable Persistent Memory Database Server.

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FIS-ASP Case Study

Platform based on SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage to streamline system delivery processes.

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SUSE and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Strategic Alliance

  Did you know that SUSE is HPE's preferred partner for Linux, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry solutions?

Every day we continue to build our 25+ year partnership to bring our customers the best joint solutions.

  • SUSE is a Tier 1 Partner for HPE

  • SUSE powers the intelligent provisioning on HPE ProLiants

  • HPE chose SUSE as their first Ceph-based storage solution

  • SUSE is HPE`s top SAP HANA OS partner and the OS embedded into HPE`s Converged System offering.

  • HPE Factory uses SUSE to certify ProLiants for production

  • HPE is SUSE`s first Global Training Partner, providing SUSE specific and/or custom training.

Together, HPE and SUSE can help you succeed in the digital age (machine learning, memory-driven computing, and innovations in data and analytics) and also, combine the right mix of IT (traditional, private cloud, and public cloud) powered by leading-edge innovations and quality engineering.

1 Sep 2017—Micro Focus, SUSE's parent company, Completes Merger with HPE Software Business
* Check Micro Focus Press Release for more

9 Mar 2017—SUSE Completes Acquisition of OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS Assets from HPE
* Check SUSE Press Release | Blog Post for more

7 Sep 2016—HPE and Micro Focus announce partnership
* Check SUSE Press Release | HPE Press Release for more

6 Jun 2016—SUSE and HPE launch Storage Solution
* Check SUSE Press Release | Blog Post for more

Joint Solutions
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Joint Solutions

Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

Real-time analytics, online transaction processing (OLTP), batch processing, and database apps are crucial to your success. Manage these high-value workloads with HPE mission-critical servers running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and get the flexibility, reliability and availability you need to get an edge in revenue and reputation.

SAP HANA performs business processing and analytics in real time, which brings significant advantages. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications is the top Linux OS for SAP HANA and, along with HPE Solutions, will give you the validated, fine-tuned platform you need to help ensure your successful migration to a real-time enterprise.

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Software-defined Storage

As enterprises collect more and more data and learn to pull more value from it, the need to store, protect and access that data is becoming a challenge. Traditional storage systems simply won’t be able to keep up, but software-defined storage can.

SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, enables organizations to deliver highly scalable, resilient and cost-efficient storage that adapts to changing business and data demands running on HPE Proliant; HPE Apollo and HPE Synergy.

This is the ideal solution for Disk-based backup, HPC Storage, Compliance Archiving and more.

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Combine the right mix of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to achieve optimal workload placement.

In 2017, SUSE acquired OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS assets from HPE to engineer a common OpenStack Cloud offering.

SUSE also entered the PaaS market working with the best of container and orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes and the best of PaaS like Cloud Foundry to create innovation that matters to our enterprise customers and partners.

SUSE CaaS Platform is your platform for next-gen container-based applications and SUSE Cloud Application Platform helps you streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications.

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High Performance Computing

Overcome the barriers to supercomputing and solve the world’s largest scientific, engineering and data analysis problems.

Since 2003, SUSE has been bundled as a native install option for SGI supercomputers and servers. And today, SUSE is the preferred OS for all HPE HPC environments.

SUSE adopts new Linux kernels faster than competitors and can also quickly include feature requests and packages that HPE users want.

The SUSE OS is in use in 50 percent of supercomputing’s top 50 machines, available for both x86_64 and ARM64 architectures. And HPE is the single largest hardware vendor in the HPC market with a wide portfolio of HPE Apollo, Superdome and SGI servers.

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Big Data

Harness all of the possibilities of big data to unlock your organization’s future in the idea economy.

Deploying your big data solution on HPE servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server allows you to derive new business insights more simply and cost effectively. Our innovative platforms give you best in class performance and availability, in a single proven configuration that includes integrated software, services, infrastructure, and management.

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Data Center Modernization

In today’s idea economy, your organization can stay ahead of the competition by accelerating application and IT service delivery.

Whether you need a refresh to your infrastructure or a complete data center transformation, SUSE and HPE can make your journey successful and you can change at the pace you need.

HPE and SUSE work together to improve the Linux kernel with a goal of "zero unplanned downtime."

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Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

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Faster, Smarter SAP HANA Deployment with HPE and SUSE

Solution Briefs
+ Brochure, Videos and more

Reference Architectures
+ Reference Configuration, Whitepapers and more

Performance Briefs
SQL Server on Linux, SAP HANA standard application benchmark, SAP BW-AML benchmark, SPEC CPU2017 and more

Success Stories
Oettinger Davidoff, Implema, University of Haifa, Symmetry, Vectus Industries and more

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Solution Brief
Transform IT to power business result

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SGI, HPE OneView

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8, Get customers to the cloud faster

Interviews, Product ChalkTalks

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Datalounges, FIS-ASP

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Big Data

Solution Brief
Hortonworks Hadoop & SUSE

Success Story

Reference Architecture
Hortonworks on HPE ProLiant

SUSE Product Page
More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Big Data Deployments

Software Defined

Sales Play Bundle
Scale Forever with Software-Defined Storage from SUSE and HPE

Solution Briefs
+ Infographics, TCO Studies

Success Stories
Experian, Orchard Park

Reference Architectures
+ Whitepapers, Product Guides, Articles

Scale Forever with SDS, HPE + SUSE = Enterprise SDS

Product Chalk Talks, Webinars

SUSE Product Page
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High Performance Computing

Sales Play Bundle
Transform Your Enterprise with HPC from SUSE and HPE

Arm in HPC, HPC power to your enterprise and more

Success Stories
Total, The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, The Irish Centre for High-End Computing

HPC/AI Data Management

SUSE Product Page
More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing

Data Center Modernization

Solution Briefs
Modernize your IT Infrastructure

Migrate from UNIX to SLES

Linux best practices on HPE ProLiant

Performance Brief
SPECjbb2015 4P records

Success Story

SUSE Product Page
More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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