Orchard Park Police Department Case Study

SUSE Enterprise Storage met the need for a storage solution that could handle a massive influx of data.

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Build Your Software-defined Storage Strategy by IDC

Leverage SUSE Enterprise Storage for HPE Apollo and ProLiant Servers to Build Your Software-defined Strategy.

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Mission-Critical Workloads Solution Brief

Get the cost advantages of standard x86 computing with reliability, availability, and serviceability.

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HPE and SUSE Linux on SAP Video

HPE and SUSE provide the fastest, most reliable hardware and software to run mission-critical SAP applications.

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SUSE and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Strategic Alliance

  Did you know that SUSE is HPE's preferred partner for Linux, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry solutions?

Every day we continue to proudly build our partnership to bring our customers the best joint solutions.

  • SUSE is a Tier 1 Partner for HPE, after the merger of HPE Software with Micro Focus, SUSE's parent company.
  • SUSE technology is embedded on every Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant to power the intelligent provisioning feature.
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage was HPE's first certified, supported, and sold Ceph-based storage solution?
  • SUSE is the primary choice for SAP HANA installations in the world, including both HPE and SAP internally, and is the OS embedded into HPE's Converged System offering.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is certified across the entire HPE ProLiant and BladeSystem server lines and across the HPE storage line.
  • HPE is SUSE's first Global Training Partner, able to provide SUSE specific training or custom training for our joint solutions.

Together, HPE and SUSE can speed your journey to a modern, flexible, and available infrastructure while offering you enterprise-class reliability powered by leading-edge innovations and quality engineering.

1 Sep 2017—Micro Focus, SUSE's parent company, Completes Merger with HPE Software Business
* Check Micro Focus Press Release for more

9 Mar 2017—SUSE Completes Acquisition of OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS Assets from HPE
* Check SUSE Press Release | Blog Post for more

7 Sep 2016—HPE and Micro Focus, SUSE's parent company, announce partnership
* Check SUSE Press Release | HPE Press Release for more

6 Jun 2016—SUSE and HPE launch Storage Solution
* Check SUSE Press Release | Blog Post for more

Joint Solutions
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Joint Solutions

Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on HPE Integrity Superdome X, you get the memory, performance, and RAS features you need to power your most demanding mission-critical workloads. And you can also take advantage of the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension and the Live Patching Extension to virtually eliminate unplanned downtime.

When you are thinking about an SAP environment, some customers want to accelerate analytics/reporting with SAP HANA, while others want to run multiple SAP business applications. And HPE ConvergedSystem and TDI for SAP HANA gives you the platform you need, that is validated, fine-tuned, and tailored specifically for SAP workloads powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications.

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Data Center Modernization

The maintenance costs and performance limitations of legacy infrastructure have a huge impact on top-line business performance. Modernizing your infrastructure with HPE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides long-term benefits that help reduce expenses, increase flexibility, and improve service levels.

HPE and SUSE work together to improve the Linux kernel, submitting more than 225 patches that improve RAS features with a goal of "zero unplanned downtime."

Change at the pace you need—transforming all at once, or taking a project-based approach—with SUSE and HPE Proliant Servers.

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Software-defined Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, enables organizations to deliver highly scalable, resilient and cost-efficient storage that adapts to changing business and data demands.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is designed as a distributed storage cluster to provide unlimited scalability from tens of terabytes to petabytes. Also, Ceph lowers costs with functionality that is self-managing and self-healing, all running on HPE Proliant and HPE Apollo servers.

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High Performance Computing

When we are talking about High Performance Computing, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC is a low-cost and scalable OS that helps you solve your most demanding computational and data-intensive problems using the HPE Apollo 4000, 6000, and 8000 Systems for HPC and supercomputing.

Together, HPE and SUSE empower innovation at any scale to help you solve scientific, engineering, and data analysis problems—from the mainstream to the grand challenges of our time.

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Big Data

Improve performance while reducing the complexity and costs of consolidating and understanding Big Data with scale-out HPE platforms leveraging SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Deploying your big data solution on HPE servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server allows you to derive new business insights more simply and cost-effectively. Our innovative platforms give you best in class performance and availability, in a single proven configuration that includes integrated software, services, infrastructure, and management.

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SUSE recently acquired OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS assets from HPE to integrate those into SUSE OpenStack Cloud which HPE will OEM and incorporate into Helion- and Stackato-branded solutions.

SUSE also wanted to leverage the Cloud Foundry PaaS assets to accelerate the entry into the PaaS market. SUSE's vision is a convergence between the best of container and orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes with the best of PaaS technologies like Cloud Foundry to create innovation that matters to our enterprise customers and partners.

With acquisition, a team of highly talented open source engineers with valuable experience in areas such as OpenStack IaaS, Cloud Foundry PaaS, Docker Containers and Kubernetes joined SUSE.

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Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

Solution Brief

Leverage x86 Linux for mission-critical workloads

Empower your data-driven enterprise

Business White Paper

SUSE Linux Enterprise as a Mission-Critical Enterprise Server by IDC

Reference Architecture

HPE Reference Architecture for Enterprise Application Continuity Solution for SAP/SAP HANA

HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA Scale-up and Scale-out configurations solutions architecture

Reference Configuration

HPE Reference Configuration for SAP S/4HANA on HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure with Intel Xeon Processor Technology


HPE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP


Modernize the core: SAP S4/HANA journey

Performance Briefs

HPE Creates World’s First Enterprise-Class Scalable Persistent Memory Database Server with the ProLiant DL380 Gen10

HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server Earns Intel Leaderboard Spot for 3 Phases of New SAP BW Edition for SAP HANA Standard Application Benchmark Version 2

HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server takes top spots on all phases of the SAP BW edition for SAP HANA standard application benchmark

HPE is first to publish with 2.6 billion initial records on the SAP BW, edition for SAP HANA standard application benchmark

HPE takes SPECspeed metrics SWEEP with 2S/4S/16S servers on new SPEC CPU2017 benchmark

HPE takes #1 performance spots in two categories on SAP BW-AML benchmark

Hewlett Packard Enterprise makes its leadership mark on SAP BW-AML benchmark

HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module and HPE Proliant DL580 Gen9 server win 6 SPECjbb2015 4P records

HPE Integrity Superdome X wins top x86 16P rate results on SPEC CPU2006 benchmark

Success Stories

The VELUX Group: manufacturer taps Accenture, HPE for SAP HANA

Symmetry: using SUSE to support its SAP HANA Offering

El Ezaby modernizes business with HPE solution for SAP HANA

University of Haifa migrated mission-critical SAP systems to x86 servers on SUSE

Tigaraksa Satria Improves Its Business Operations with HPE ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA

Ordina boosts business with streamlined SAP services on HPE ConvergedSystem 500

University of Oldenburg positions itself as a center for big data projects with HPE ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA

Vectus Industries safeguards efficient operation with HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA

Technical White Paper

Running Linux on HPE Integrity Superdome X

SUSE Product Page

More on Mission-Critical Computing

More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP HANA

Data Center

Solution Briefs

Be ready for what's next

Innovation that is open for all


Migrate from UNIX to SLES: 3 stage approach

Technical White Paper

Linux best practices

Performance Briefs

HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module and HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen9 Server win 6 SPECjbb2015 4P records

SUSE Product Page

More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

High Performance


Stacking the HPC Deck with HPE

SUSE Product Page

More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing

Big Data

Solution Brief

Perform analytics at enterprise scale

Success Stories

HPE Vertica powers real-time data analytics at Empirix

Reference Architecture

HPE Reference Architecture for Hortonworks HDP 2.4 on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers

SUSE Product Page

More on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Big Data Deployments


Solution Brief

Reduce storage costs and build for the future

Business White Paper

Build Your SDS Strategy by IDC

Success Story

Orchard Park Police Department


Reference Architecture

SUSE Enterprise Storage on HPE Apollo

Technical White Paper

HPE best practices for deploying SUSE Enterprise Storage on HPE Synergy

Product Guides

Architectural Overview

Deployment for HPE ProLiant

Implementation Guide for HPE Apollo Systems


SUSE Enterprise Storage Review by StorageReview.com

TCO Case Study

Compliance Archiving: HPE, SES, iTernity iCas vs Dell EMC Centera Compliance Edition


Ride the wave with HPE and SUSE

Are you ready for enterprise-grade Software-defined Storage?

Data Sheet

SUSE Enterprise Storage


Open Source Software-defined Storage

Intro to SUSE Enterprise Storage 4


SUSE and HPE Team Together to Assist the Police with Their Storage Needs

HPE – A single point of contact for SUSE Enterprise Storage Solutions

HPE + SUSE = Enterprise Software-defined Storage Solutions

SUSE Product Page

More on SUSE Enterprise Storage


Solution Brief

Transform IT to power business results

Reference Architecture

SGI and SUSE OpenStack Cloud

Reference Configuration

SUSE OpenStack Cloud with HPE OneView

Video Interview

SUSE and HPE's OpenStack collaboration

HPE & SUSE aims to help OpenStack customers do more in hybrid cloud

SUSE & HPE Partnership


Why Choose SUSE OpenStack Cloud?

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Success Story

Datalounges using SUSE OpenStack Cloud on HP Blades


HPE and SUSE partner to get customers to the cloud faster

Watch your PaaS (and IaaS) – SUSE acquires OpenStack and Cloud Foundry technology from HPE

SUSE Product Page

More on SUSE OpenStack Cloud

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SUSE—Better Together!

HPE and SUSE provide the highest quality software support, proactive services, and remote support.

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