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Despite cloud computing being a generally well-accepted and used technology that has slipped into the common vernacular very easily, there is still some confusion around the different types of cloud options out there. Specifically around the concepts of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. While some of this is due to slightly hazy marketing, largely it is down to misunderstanding. We know, just from looking at many of the cars on the street today, that a hybrid is a combination of two things (in the case of the image on this page, a bobcat and a bird), but how does that differ from multi-cloud?

A blog written in 2017 by our own Terri Schlosser previously addressed this, but having had a number of conversations with confused customers and partners over the last year or so, I decided to record a very brief video to help clarify the situation.

Follow this link to watch the video, and if you have any thoughts, please leave a comment on this blog, contact me at or via Twitter. I hope that you find it useful in understanding more about what can be at times a very confusing set of terms. If you’d like to read more about cloud in general, then please visit our Cloud Solutions page on, or get in contact with us to see how SUSE can support you in your journey to the cloud.

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