Borusan CAT: May the Machine Learning be with the Service Sales

Borusan CAT: May the Machine Learning be with the Service Sales


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things – all those buzzwords that everyone is talking about, but not many know what to do with it. Well, Borusan CAT, a reseller of Caterpillar in Turkey, knew how to use it for their advantage! But first, a little background information:

Borusan CAT is a reseller of Caterpillar in Turkey selling Caterpillar machines, but also operating in the machinery maintenance service market. As the service market is quite saturated, Borusan CAT wanted to catch customers before they would take maintenance service from competitors. Also, Borusan CAT’s goal was to offer excellent customer service by being prepared for the exact maintenance needs of their customers.

Doing it old school

Previously, when a customer’s machine had failed and he had decided to choose Borusan CAT’s maintenance service, only then Borusan was able to analyze the machinery and provide a solution. Thus, in order to provide good service and to prevent the machine from failing, regular customer visits were the standard.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence with SAP

In order to get rid of all those control visits, Borusan wanted to implement a system that predicts which machine of which customer is likely to fail one month prior to the actual machinery failure. Therefore, they implemented IoT technologies and Machine Learning on top of their SAP HANA SDI. By doing so, they were able to basically create a digital twin which collects data from the machineries, stores it, runs complex machine algorithms on the data and keeps the service sales updated. Thus, it is now possible to predict why and when a machine will fail in advance.

Since implementing SAP solutions, Borusan is able to prevent machine failures, resulting in reduced machinery downtime and increased customer service sales. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Borusan can now react faster when necessary machine parts fail and order them in advance so that they are ready for use when needed. In total, 85% of their predictions is accurate resulting in a high customer satisfaction.

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