Manage without Disruption: Introducing SUSE Manager 4.3


In a world of disruptions, the new SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) brings innovation without disruption.  Our new Linux helps our customers and partners stay ahead of cyberattacks with advanced supply chain security and confidential computing.

But what is a secure system worth if you can’t keep it that way?  Today, we’re excited to launch SUSE Manager 4.3 to keep your systems secure — no matter which Linux distro you are running or where it is located.

What’s SUSE Manager?

SUSE Manager is the only infrastructure management solution that manages a mixed Linux estate and ensures that it’s secure, scalable, and reaches everywhere you must manage Linux. With SUSE Manager, you can monitor, manage, and secure your Linux infrastructure without disruption, difficulty, or manual operations that are both expensive and risky. Ensure compliance with centralized control and do it at scale—anywhere from ten to one million clients: Nothing falls through the cracks.

Keep your entire mixed Linux environment—from RHEL to SLE and more—healthy and current with automation and scheduled IT tasks, making it possible for IT teams to spend less time going server to server and more time innovating for the business.

What’s New in SUSE Manager 4.3?

According to recent polls, chief culprits of unplanned downtime and increased cyber-attacks are human error, migration issues, and unpatched infrastructure.  We addresses these issues in three different ways.

 Security through Automation

SUSE Manager secures the entire infrastructure with automated patch and configuration manage and provides auto remediation through sensors and beacons.  The new SUSE Manager validates against SCAP (Secure Content Automation Protocol) and CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) profiles.  It then enables you to automate or schedule updates – based on your individual company regulations. Finally, you can integrate SUSE Manager 4.3 with SLE Live Patching, which enables you to patch without experiencing downtime.

Centralized Scalability

With the release of 4.3, you get centralized centralized control and monitoring at any scale.  Manage your environment as a cohesive whole. That is, you manage your on-premises, cloud, container, edge and IoT infrastructure as a single estate. New features for the Hub architecture allow management up to 1M clients.  And the rearchitected proxy and branch server enables you to deploy SUSE Manager 4.3 in even the most constrained environments, like on the edge or in retail environments. Regardless of the size of your environment, SUSE Manager 4.3 lets you run searchable, portfolio-wide reports so you can always know that your systems are secure, healthy, and compliant.

With improvements in monitoring, SUSE Manager provides integration with Prometheus for real time monitoring and Grafana display results through graphical dashboards. And new HTTP APIs you can easily extend and integrate SUSE Manager 4.3 with the your other solutions.

Freedom of Choice

This has always been SUSE Manager’s sweet spot.  And with the release of SUSE Manager 4.3, we continue to add Linux distros to our support list.  This includes new versions of RHEL, Oracle, Ubuntu, and the new CentOS clones – Rocky Linux and Alma Linux.

SUSE Manager manages all these environments – no matter where they are located through a single console – so you continue to get centralized monitoring and automation.

Learn more!

We invite you to learn more about the new SUSE Manager!  Find out why our customer, Pole Emploi says:

“SUSE Manager gives us a much clearer view across the estate when it comes to responding to our security teams.  We use the built-in OpenSCAP auditing tool to check status and cross-reference with the data held by the security teams.”

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