Your SAP infrastructure is critical to your business operations. You’ve made a significant investment in time and resources to ensure that it meets your need for growth and efficiency. SAP S/4HANA delivers the real-time operations with reduced complexity that you need for the digital economy, but this means a transformation of your SAP infrastructure.

Regardless of your current SAP infrastructure, a transition to Linux is in your future. Open Source and Linux are key to the SAP strategy. Read how your move to Linux doesn’t have to be complex.


Success Stories


  • Cuts the time spent running the overnight data upload by more than 50%, enabling timely reports
  • Delivers superior levels of robustness and reliability, ensuring that the business continues running smoothly
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Vectus Industries

  • Improved overall operating efficiency by 60%
  • Lifted availability to almost “five nines” from 24 hours of downtime a month previously
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  • Successfully migrated ten customers to SAP HANA in time and within budget
  • Optimized solution for SAP software ensures reliability and performance without manual tuning
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Fitch Ratings

  • Decreased the time it took to complete process chains from hours to minutes
  • Delivered functional environment in weeks instead of months built on AWS infrastructure
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Boydak Holding

  • Decreased database size by 74% and simplified management
  • Accelerated some SAP reports by more than 120 times with in-memory technology
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