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Announcing SUSE CaaS Platform 4


Today, SUSE is pleased to announce SUSE CaaS Platform 4 as part of a larger SUSE Application Delivery Solutions update, that also includes SUSE Cloud Application Platform 1.5.

SUSE CaaS Platform 4 raises the bar for robust Kubernetes platform operations with enhancements that expand platform scalability options, strengthen application security, and make it easier to keep pace with technology advancements. Integrating the latest releases of Kubernetes and SUSE Linux Enterprise, SUSE CaaS Platform 4 continues to provide industry leading application delivery capabilities as an enterprise-ready solution.

SUSE CaaS Platform 4 is also the first enterprise-grade Kubernetes Platform to integrate Cilium, an open source CNI Plugin for Kubernetes that leverages a powerful Linux Kernel technology called BPF, as default, resulting in advanced networking and security capabilities.

With SUSE CaaS Platform 4 you can:

Strengthen application security at scale with high performance packet filtering and network communication security policies that are easy-to-implement and control.

  • Protect your cluster more efficiently with fast packet filtering that dramatically improves network throughput and drives down costs.
  • Secure communications at scale with centralized management that allows you to define and implement security policies in a consistent and efficient way, making them easier to manage.
  • Put security management into the hands of security professionals and free developers from network security concerns with security policy rules that are separated from application code.
  • Easily create and manage pod-to-pod communication policies, using declarative rules and application level abstractions.


Keep pace with Kubernetes advancements with non-disruptive platform updates that allow you to access new features more easily and frequently.

  • Leverage new features sooner with frequent platform updates that operate smoothly behind the scenes while maintaining the availability of the platform itself and workloads running on it.
  • Ensure platform and workload availability throughout the update process with rolling updates of newly containerized SUSE CaaS Platform services.  Now, the platform can update itself, transitioning load seamlessly to updated services, without downtime.


Expand platform scalability options, both up and down, to support a wider range of business use cases, workloads, and environments. 

  • Scale Kubernetes to handle your large clusters efficiently, using a distributed installation framework that scales horizontally as the cluster grows.
  • Improve the cost efficiency of small-scale deployments with a new minimum cluster size of only three nodes. Small clusters are often preferred for many non-production use cases, including proof-of-concept and dev/test environments, where resources may be hard to come by and lower cost options matter.
  • Quickly and easily deploy Kubernetes at any scale, with a scriptable installation process that ensures fast, error-free execution of repetitive installation tasks across multiple clusters and cluster nodes.


We invite you to check out all that SUSE CaaS Platform 4 has to offer by visiting our website at


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