Jumpstart Kubernetes Success with New Service Offerings

Jumpstart Kubernetes Success with New Service Offerings


Kubernetes and Cloud NativeAccording to the Gartner report, The CTO’s Guide to Containers and Kubernetes, by 2027 more than 90% of companies will have made the decision to run containerized applications in production.  And according to the CNCF, Kubernetes is the second largest open source project in the world, second only to Linux.  

Rancher Prime is SUSE’s enterprise grade, distro-agnostic Kubernetes management platform. Designed to help organizations accelerate their cloud native digital transformation, the platform provides users with a rich ecosystem and world class support to ensure consistent operations, workload management and enterprise-grade security – from core to cloud to edge.  

While Kubernetes is a transformative technology, finding talent and skills to navigate it is not easy.  And enterprises deploying a production-grade environments, need to ensure that they are deploying workloads that are both secure and compliant, while also being scalable and efficient.  

Enter Rancher Prime Readiness Services 

SUSE’s new Rancher Prime Readiness Services are bite-sized consulting offerings that are delivered by experts in Kubernetes and cloud native technology.  These offerings have been designed to validate your designs, architecture, and/or deployments.  Best of all, they will ensure that you achieve fast time to production to level-up your business. 

These new services packages will help Rancher Prime customers jump start their cloud native journey through:  

  • Architectural Assessment to ensure that your Rancher Prime-based platform’s design is optimized, resilient and aligned with industry standards and best practices. 
  • Platform Readiness Assessment to minimize potential risks and ensure a seamless transition for teams that manage the platform. 
  • Security Assessment to gain a clear picture of your platform’s security status so that you can reduce the risk of security breaches, data loss and system downtime. 

Don’t Forget the Training 

Training your team to upskill their Kubernetes knowledge is not only a good idea for them, but also for your business.  According to the Linux Foundation’s 2023 State of Tech Talent Report, 91% of respondents felt that upskilling was even more important than university degrees. SUSE offers a variety of learning options — from our Rancher Academy to learn the basics to our flexible , eLearning platform that offers more complete Rancher Prime learning paths that lead to industry-respected certification. 

eLearning is on-demand technical training for the skills you and your team needs.  It is designed for today’s workforce, providing both immediate answers and defined learning paths.  And, if you add one Silver eLearning subscription to your Rancher Prime subscription purchase (or renewal), you will now get an additional Silver subscription at no extra cost.

Learn More! 

Level up your business and go into production with confidence with Rancher Prime Readiness Consulting Services and SUSE eLearning. For more information on our Readiness Services, download the flyer here, contact us directly, or speak with your account executive today.   

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Stacey Miller Stacey is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SUSE. With more than 20 years in the high-tech industry, Stacey has a wide breadth of technical marketing expertise.