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Getting Started With SUSE Support


SUSE Support is Part of Your TeamYou’ve purchased a SUSE Solution backed by SUSE Support.  But what does that really mean for you and your business?  And, how do you get started?

Having a subscription to your SUSE Solution, you get access to a team that is experienced, always-on and treats you like family.  With an average open-source tenure of more than a decade, each of our engineers has the deep technical expertise to get you up and running quickly, minimizing down time and business disruption.

And, with a Priority Subscription, you get 24x7x365, follow the sun, localized support.  That means no matter when a problem or issue arises you can access someone who is dedicated to providing you with the answers you need, when you need them.

Top 5 Support Resources

With our support team always on staff, you know you can call day or night.  But, are you familiar with all of the resources SUSE provides?  Here are my top 5.

1. Technical Support Handbook

The SUSE Technical Support Handbook is the “bible” of Technical Support at SUSE.  The Handbook has everything you need to get help from SUSE – from leveraging self-help resources to escalating issues and local phone numbers to hours of coverage.

Want to know what self -help materials are availble, what our support service level agreements are, or how to determine your issue’s priority level, simply access the Technical Support Handbook.  There is even a section on our customer satisfaction surveys and additional services options, such as Premium Support Services and Long Term Service Pack Support.

Access the Technical Support Handbook by visiting

2.  SUSE Customer Center

If the SUSE Technical Support Handbook is your support bible; think of the SUSE Customer Center (or SCC) as your control center.   The SCC is where you activate your subscriptions, submit support incidents, and get those all-important maintenance packages and security patches.   You can also get a “birds-eye” view of your complete SUSE environment through the SCC.  It really is your all in one stop for your SUSE infrastructure.

Access the SCC by going to

3.  SUSE Knowledgebase

The SUSE Knowledgebase is curated content of knowledge, guides and solutions to common issues.  We provide content in the Knowledgebase through common customer needs and requests.    Look in the Knowledgebase first to find answers to your questions; you might identify your solution without even contacting us. Examples of Technical Information Documents (TIDs) are How-to effectively work with SUSE Technical Support and Best practices for maintaining a fully supported SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) system.

Access the knowledgebase by going to

4.  SUSE Community Forums

The SUSE Community Forums offer a wealth of information on products, events and upgrades.    Customers constantly give us high marks for our forums and ranking them as some of the best in the Linux industry.  Become a part of our community and communicate directly with other SUSE system admins on best practices and solutions.  We invite you to login and become a part of the wealth of knowledge in our open, open source community.

Create your account and connect with your community by going to

5.  Community Blogs

Have you visited out blog site (of course you have, you’re reading this!)?  We constantly update our blog content with a wealth of knowledge.  The SUSE blog is the best place to find the latest SUSE information from technical to silly.   Some common topics include customer success stories, forward-looking articles, and technical best practice guides.  And don’t stay away too long; the blog is constantly being updated with new posts!

Start following our blog by visiting


Don’t forget to check out our Quick Reference Guide to Support, for even more information on how to get the help you need, when you need it.  And, if you are looking for even more resources for your IT Transformation project,  check out the simple, flexible Global Services offerings!

What’s your favorite SUSE Support resource?  Tell us in the comments!


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