High Performance Computing and Advanced Analytics: Three Things You Need to Know

Businesses today are recognizing that a high performance computing infrastructure is vital to supporting the advanced analytics and simulated modeling applications of tomorrow. Here are three things to know as you consider an in-house HPC infrastructure:

  • Find a solution you can manage efficiently
    Look for a cohesive and comprehensive set of supported tools specifically designed for the HPC environment, including workload and cluster management, parallel task execution, parallel file system libraries, memory allocation and monitoring.

  • Control your costs
    Identify a solution that provides enablement for X86-64 and ARM-based HPC clusters, supporting the full range of hardware being used today for HPC from low-cost ARM-based hardware to high-end supercomputers.

  • Reduce the complexity
    Choose a provider who gives you access to a partner ecosystem that demonstrates innovation and thought leadership in key areas such as managing containerized HPC, HPC in the cloud and OpenStack, HPC enterprise storage and CephFS, workload monitoring, machine learning and community building blocks for HPC.

High Performance Computing (HPC)


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