SUSE Linux Enterprise Just Enough Operating System (JeOS)

An Ideal Platform for Today's Agile Environments

Based on enterprise favorite SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, JeOS provides an ideal platform for today’s agile environments whether it is private cloud or virtualized data center. JeOS (pronounced /jo͞os/, just like “juice”) is a perfect minimized host OS for deployment of container applications, private cloud images, and simplification of IT operations. In your enterprise or data center, take advantage of several different flavors of JeOS—KVM/Xen Fully Virtualized, Xen Paravirtualized, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, or OpenStack Cloud.

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Minimized Container Host OS

JeOS leverages the strong foundation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to deliver an exceptionally agile and fast development platform. Deploy applications such as with containers faster than ever using JeOS, without compromising on the enterprise quality SUSE Linux foundation.

Private Cloud Image

As an administrator, use JeOS to create ready to run virtual images for demonstration, testing, or production.

Simplify IT Operations

JeOS provides a minimal system, a “Silver Image”, for further customization to suit your business needs. You can use the Silver Image as a base to build “Gold Images” faster and with accuracy.