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Consistently ranked #1 for Linux support. Recommended by Microsoft, SAP and VMware to their Linux customers.

SUSE has provided award-winning technical support for over 20 years. No other Linux platform is endorsed by more technology partners.

More than just powerful technologies, your systems and applications are essential investments in business productivity. They only pay dividends, though, when they perform at the highest levels, without interruption. That's why we back SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with award-winning, enterprise-class support.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is backed by over a decade of development for enterprise-class use, and SUSE continues to improve interoperability and add advanced capabilities. Leading software vendors, including Microsoft, SAP and VMware, recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server exclusively for their customers who run mission-critical applications on Linux.

The Linux Support Experts

We operates nine major support centers worldwide with hundreds of Linux engineers who are trained in supporting mixed IT environments. Available 24x7x365, they specialize in resolving problems, determining root causes and minimizing your downtime. Additionally, we staff an international team of skilled field engineers who resolve urgent problems onsite.

In August 2010, participants in an independent survey conducted by Lighthouse Research ranked SUSE above Oracle and Red Hat in overall quality of Linux-based technical support. VARBusiness Report Card ranks SUSE number one in server operating system support for two reasons:

  1. SUSE support meets over 99% of its service level agreements.
  2. 65% of calls are resolved within five minutes.

We believe our support delivery and management is successful because of our efficient, proven escalation process, integrated support systems and knowledgeable engineers. Together, they help ensure you receive the most helpful and professional experience every time you contact us.

Exceptional Self-service and Online Support

SUSE also provides self-help resources that are powerful yet simple to use. You can search the same online knowledge base our support engineers use, post questions to technical support forums, download patches and drivers and access a variety of helpful tools.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also features two powerful support applications:

  • SupportLink: This component of the Linux server OS dramatically speeds problem resolution by collecting system crash data and other critical information and organizing it for easy analysis. SupportLink lets you report issues quickly and archives and securely sends your log files to SUSE.
  • SupportAdvisor: With this tool, you can diagnose issues locally without sending log files to SUSE. SupportAdvisor is easy to use and runs on Linux and Windows. It enables you to run health checks on multiple servers, helping you identify trends and address potential trouble spots before they turn into larger problems.

For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE offers three technical support options (Basic, Standard and Priority) as well as training, consulting, certifications and more, to meet a variety of business needs.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders

An operating system provides and mediates access between shared computing resources and applications, processes and threads. As an operating system vendor, SUSE is perfectly positioned to ensure your applications work well with your hardware resources. We collaborate continually with leading vendors to maximize interoperability between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the various products and solutions running in your data center.

Endorsements from key industry partners are the result of our close technical collaborations:

  • Microsoft recommends SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to customers who run both Windows and Linux in their data centers. Microsoft and SUSE collaborate on technical advancements and have created joint support programs to ensure customers have seamless, one-stop support for their physical and virtual Linux and Windows services.
  • SAP recommends SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the preferred platform for running SAP applications on Linux. Together, SAP and SUSE are reducing the complexity of deploying applications, lowering costs and giving customers a single point of contact for acquiring and supporting a complete application stack.
  • VMware recommends SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for use in its virtual environments. VMware adopted SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as its internal standard in 2010, and all current orders for VMware vSphere ship with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware. SUSE and VMware have collaborated to ensure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server delivers maximum performance with vSphere.

By working closely with these vendors and other technology partners, we help you protect your IT investments over the long term. It's more than just avoiding the uncertainties associated with single-vendor lock-in. You reap the benefits of rapid innovation and lower costs through a more competitive industry. By promoting interoperability, SUSE, in collaboration with our partners, helps you run production systems more reliably and get the most from all the technologies in your heterogeneous IT environment.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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