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You can get new innovations faster, and be more confident they will work in your environment, with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.

Open source software opens your door to a wide choice of innovations while reducing the risk of vendor lock-in. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, you get timely and easy access to abundant open source and partner technologies. You also reduce time to value through SUSE-certified enterprise quality and ease of integration. SUSE makes it easy for you to choose and safely use the leading–edge open source and partner technology you need to improve your productivity and compete effectively, now and in the future.

Getting open source innovation quickly through SUSE access and modular packaging

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 you get access to more new technology faster. Because of active SUSE participation in the open source community, you can employ a wealth of innovation unmatched by proprietary companies. Just as important, the engineering expertise developed and improved over 22+ years of commercializing open source software for the enterprise ensures that SUSE can bring these innovations to you in a high-quality, enterprise-ready form.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, SUSE introduces modular packaging. The modules are distinct sets of packages grouped into their own maintenance channel and updated independently of service pack life cycles. This allows you to get timelier and easier access to the latest technology in areas where innovation is occurring at a rapid pace, like cloud. The modules are:

  • Web and Scripting Module
  • Legacy Module
  • Public Cloud Module
  • Toolchain Module
  • Advanced System Management Module
  • Containers Module
  • Certifications Module

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Getting partner innovation quickly through SUSE tools and assistance

SUSE partners with many technology companies to provide you with best-of-breed solutions. To accelerate the availability of the latest partner innovations, the SUSE SolidDriver Program provides these system and component vendors with a same-day hardware enablement platform of tools, specifications and processes for ensuring that their drivers are compatible and easy to deploy. This accelerates the adoption of new partner technologies by removing the complexities and risks associated with integrating, deploying and updating required kernel drivers using standard SUSE tools. More generally, SUSE follows a forward-looking development model that uses more recent Linux kernels to help maximize support for the latest hardware.

Reducing time to value through SUSE certification

With SUSE, you get not only fast access to advanced technology, but fast time to value with enterprise-quality software and verified compatibility. SUSE rigorously qualifies, tests and packages open source technologies, ensuring that they meet the requirements of enterprise production environments, so that you don't have to. Furthermore, SUSE partners with thousands of technology vendors to ensure that their software and hardware is compatible with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and each other.

SUSE also has a vast ecosystem of hardware and software partners whose products are certified and supported for your fast, easy use. Our enterprise Linux server OS supports a large number of processors, chipsets, storage systems and networking devices. These enterprise-quality certifications enable you to confidently deploy your workloads, such as a private cloud, on your existing hardware efficiently and while maximizing your current investments. For a complete list of certified hardware for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (all versions), please visit www.suse.com/partners/ihv/yes.

In addition, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports and certifies thousands of third-party independent software vendor (ISV) applications from mission-critical databases, e-commerce applications and ERP systems, to email, file and print servers and web servers. For the complete list of certified software applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (all versions), please visit www.suse.com/susePSC/home.