Big Data—with its volume, velocity, and lack of structure—eludes traditional business analytics and business intelligence approaches. Whether monitoring the dynamic flows of Big Data or responding to events and usage patterns as they occur, you need the right foundation to create your data-driven enterprise: SUSE Linux Enterprise.

SUSE Linux Enterprise is optimized for massively data intensive workloads delivering the highest performing, open source Linux operating system in the market today. The flexibility of SUSE Linux Enterprise enables you to tune it for performance gains in I/O, memory, and compute-intensive workloads. And you can further optimize system performance with fine-grained controls for CPU, memory, storage, and networking performance.

The result: With SUSE, you can harness the velocity and volume of Big Data. Providing you the power and flexibility to scale current and emerging solutions for finding and analyzing insights and patterns, as they occur, in the varied data whirlwind. In fact, SUSE has a long tradition as a market leader in supporting customers in retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and telecommunications with Big Data challenges.

Using SUSE OpenStack Cloud you can ensure the security of your data without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud by deploying your Big Data solution safely behind your firewall on a private cloud. Based on the OpenStack and Crowbar projects, SUSE OpenStack Cloud delivers an easy to install and manage private cloud platform for all of your scale out compute needs. SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides you the security, self-service provisioning, and massive scalability you need to efficiently run and maximize the performance of your Big Data solutions.

The Software Lifecycle Management solutions of SUSE, such as SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager integrate smoothly and greatly ease deploying and managing your Big Data solutions.

Start Your Big Data Solution with SUSE Partners

Today, leading hardware and software vendors partner with SUSE for a variety of Big Data solutions. Whether you are deploying an in-memory database, data warehouse, Apache Hadoop, or other data-intensive solution, we work with our industry leading Big Data Partners to ensure that you are fully supported as you implement your Big Data projects – regardless of the scale.

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