SUSE, Lenovo and the Future of the SAP Data Center

SUSE and Lenovo can help you plan for growth and extend the value of your SAP HANA investments

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Lenovo Storage Solution for SAP HANA powered by SUSE Enterprise Storage

Manage cost and complexity of your storage infrastructure

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Lenovo Converged Analytics Platform for SAP Vora powered by SUSE

Easy to implement hardware, software, and services for enterprise analytics

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Lenovo and SUSE Predict the Future with IT Operations Analytics

Understand SAP ITOA Vision and Product with Lenovo x3850 X6 Servers powered by SUSE

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SUSE and Lenovo Strategic Alliance

Together, SUSE and Lenovo provide the most interoperable way to build a data center.

Lenovo servers combined with open source infrastructure solutions from SUSE provide dependable, secure, high-performance solutions for enterprise computing.

Ideal for small, medium and large enterprises, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Lenovo servers gives customers the confidence to deploy their mission-critical workloads.

Lenovo’s feature-rich platforms and SUSE’s enterprise-class open source technology help customers minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Lenovo delivers broad support for SUSE across the ThinkSystem servers’ portfolio.

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Joint Solutions

Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

Did you know the largest SAP HANA platform in the world runs on Lenovo and SUSE?

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, with their unique modular design, offer the agility and required infrastructure tuned to support the unique demands of mission-critical applications.

And if you are looking for the best platform for, look no further: Lenovo System x servers have achieved multiple benchmarks running SAP applications.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server consistently delivers outstanding uptime and performance and is the preferred Linux platform of SAP. The only enterprise Linux distribution that includes high availability and clustering.

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Software-defined Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage, based on Ceph, is designed as a distributed storage cluster to provide unlimited scalability from tens of terabytes to petabytes. And Ceph lowers costs with functionality that is self-managing and self-healing, and it all runs on industry standard hardware.

The Lenovo Storage Solution for SAP HANA powered by SUSE Enterprise Storage is a SAP HANA Software-defined Storage (SDS) TDI solution that has been SAP ICC certified and is suitable for SAP HANA data, logs, and backups.

  • Distributed Software-defined Storage
  • Consolidated Solution for Block, Object and File Storage
  • Linear Scalability

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Big Data

As IT architects begin implementing big data initiatives it is crucial they choose the right components.

Lenovo and SUSE offer easy to implement hardware, software, and services for analyzing big data.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, like the powerful two-socket ThinkSystems SR650, enhance performance and reduce power consumption of big data clusters as it is purpose-built for big data workloads.

With one of the largest ISV ecosystems in the enterprise software industry, SUSE is ready to support your big data implementation today through our industry-leading strategic alliances and partnerships with leading big data companies. Click here to see who we work with.

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An efficient cloud infrastructure requires virtual machines be as fast as possible.

Lenovo offers a range of x86 servers to support your cloud solution so you can choose the infrastructure that meets your needs.

Both Lenovo ThinkSystem servers and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server work with multiple hypervisors and SUSE is both a perfect guest and a perfect host in virtualization.

The Lenovo NeXtScale platform is designed as a hyperscale computing platform, well suited for both High Performance and Cloud Computing, and SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use, turnkey offering for customers interested in deploying their own cloud environment.

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High Performance Computing

Help your organization solve the most demanding computational and data-intensive problems with SUSE and Lenovo!

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is synonymous with high-performance Linux running on 64-bit and mainframe systems, since SUSE engineers have made significant contributions to key kernel-related performance technologies.

NeXtScale™ System delivers dense performance across a variety of functions—from compute, IO, storage, and acceleration—in more cost- and energy-efficient ways than ever before and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is certified on Lenovo System x, Flex System, NeXtScale and ThinkServer platforms.

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Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

Performance Benchmark

Lenovo Delivers New Number 1 Result on SAP Business Warehouse (BW) with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Lenovo System x3850 achieved leadership four-processor (4P) performance results for the SPECjbb2015 Distributed

Lenovo has posted a top SPEC CPU2006 benchmark score for the Lenovo System x3850 X6 4U rack server

White Paper

SUSE High Availability Configuration Guidelines for SAP HANA Using System Replication on Lenovo System x Servers

SUSE, Lenovo and the future of the SAP data center

Adding SAP IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) to a Lenovo SAP HANA solution

SUSE Linux Enterprise as a Mission-Critical Enterprise Server by IDC

A Technical Introduction to the Use of Trusted Platform Module 2.0 with Linux

Solution Brief

Lenovo Converged Analytics Platform for SAP Vora


Lenovo and SUSE Predict the Future with IT Operations Analytics


Extending the value of SAP HANA with Big Data


Solving the Challenge of Data Management and Analytics


Lenovo and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching ChalkTalk

Introduction to SUSE Manager

Product Flyer

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Success Stories

Lenovo uses SUSE Manager for its Linux installations, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Hapimag runs faster "what if" simulations after deploying System x solution for SAP HANA with Lenovo and SUSE

Winnovation implemented SAP HANA with the Lenovo System x solution running SUSE to train other SAP Partners

Kwizda Group strengthened their wholesale division with Lenovo System x3950 X6 solution for SAP HANA running SUSE

Unistar PRO ensures 99% uptime and system availability using the Lenovo infrastructure solution with SUSE

Hortifrut chose to implement Lenovo System for full availability and excellent performance

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Architecture Brief

Lenovo Reference Architecture for SUSE OpenStack Cloud

Data Sheet

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7


Why Choose SUSE OpenStack Cloud?

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

SUSE Product Page

More on SUSE OpenStack Cloud

Software-defined Storage

Solution Flyer

Lenovo Storage Solution for SAP HANA Powered by SUSE Enterprise Storage

Implementation Guide

SUSE Enterprise Storage v4 on Lenovo Platform

Data Sheet

SUSE Enterprise Storage

Product Guide

Architectural Overview


Open Source Software Defined Storage

Intro to SUSE Enterprise Storage 4

SUSE Product Page

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Big Data

White Paper

Deploying Hadoop on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Reference Architecture

Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop

Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop


SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 in 90 seconds

Data Sheet

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Suse Product Page

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High Performance Computing

White Paper

Linux and Open Source Are Driving HPC into New High-Growth Markets


SUSE High Performance Computing ChalkTalk


SUSE Aligns with Intel for High Performance Computing Stack

Success Stories

Leibniz Supercomputing Centre runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on System x to improve compute power by a factor of 50 and efficiency by at least a factor of 20

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) needed a new Lenovo supercomputer running SUSE to evaluate huge volumes of data around global climate change

University of Darmstadt deployed a new supercomputing environment based on System x running SUSE, which offers 38 times the performance of the previous supercomputer

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