Simplify your Data Center with Open Solutions

Leading the way in open source solutions to accelerate business transformation. Providing an affordable, interoperable, and reliable industry-leading solution to manage business-critical workloads, Lenovo’s innovative systems run seamlessly on SUSE software to deliver reduced risk, improved uptime, and faster time to value.

How Lenovo and SUSE Work Together

Drive businesses forward with a server/software combination that match your customers’ needs. Help them reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system that handles their organization's requirements today and expands to accommodate future growth.

Mission Critical Applications

As businesses undergo digital transformation, IT solutions become even more mission critical. Together, SUSE and Lenovo provide a robust foundation optimized for SAP applications so businesses can get more out of their investment to drive present and future growth.

Simplify Platforms

SUSE and Lenovo provide a powerful infrastructure that can help you get the most out of your SAP applications. Our combined solution simplifies platform migration, management and consolidation so your business can thrive.

Optimize SAP Applications

Reliability, availability and serviceability are the key combination of features that SAP solutions require today. Together, we have a long history of innovation with SAP optimizing their products to enhance the performance of SAP applications.

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“By reducing reporting times for our supply chain operations from hours to minutes or even seconds— a cut of around 99 percent—we are now able to send strategic business information across the company fast.”

Joint Solutions

As strategic partners, SUSE and Lenovo bring agility and innovation into the data center, focusing on Mission Critical SAP solutions and High Performance Computing.

Together, we run over 7,000 SAP HANA installations globally, sharing decades of experience in High Performance Computing.

Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

Extend the value of your SAP applications with support for platform migration, simplification and consolidation. The modular design and large memory capacity of the Lenovo ThinkSystem servers make them the most flexible and cost-effective way to run SAP applications, including HANA.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server consistently deliver outstanding uptime and performance as the preferred Linux platform of SAP, and SUSE is the only open source provider of Live Patching.

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High Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) is no longer the sole domain of well-funded research institutions. Enterprises across industries are employing HPC today to gain a competitive edge.

The Lenovo and SUSE HPC teams have worked together for years. When Lenovo recommends HPC software packages, SUSE can quickly adopt those packages into the SUSE HPC module so joint customers can take advantage of the newest features.

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