Product Description

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is an enterprise OpenStack distribution that rapidly deploys and easily manages highly available, mixed hypervisor IaaS Clouds. Backed by the excellence of SUSE engineering and support, SUSE OpenStack Cloud leverages existing data center investments to help enterprises increase business agility, economically scale current IT capabilities and easily consume future innovations.

Product Overview

SUSE OpenStack Cloud enables organizations to set-up and manage their own private clouds. It's made up of the following components:

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Administration Server: The SUSE OpenStack Cloud Administration Server sets up the cloud and configures and provisions the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Nodes, Compute Nodes or Storage Nodes.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Node: One or more SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Nodes provide the cloud's self-service portal, image repository and other OpenStack services. It also automatically tracks the resource state of the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute or Storage Nodes, identifies available capacity within the cloud, and deploys workloads.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute Nodes: SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute Nodes are the physical servers that are managed by SUSE OpenStack Cloud. They are used to host KVM and Xen virtual machines for workloads running in the private cloud.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Swift Storage Nodes: SUSE OpenStack Cloud Swift Storage Nodes are the physical servers managed by SUSE OpenStack Cloud to host object storage using Swift.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements for the Administration Server, Control Nodes, Compute Nodes and Swift Storage Nodes are the same, unless otherwise noted:

  • x86_64 Server
  • Intel Xeon or later or AMD Opteron or later, 2GHz, 512K cache or equivalent (Recommended: Intel or AMD multi-core processor, 2.4GHz)
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Administration Server: 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended); at least 50 GB for hard disk space.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Node: 8 GB of RAM (32 GB recommended); 4 GB of hard disk space (30 GB recommended for production). Additional hard-disk storage is required for virtual machine images, which will be launched on the compute nodes, and block storage.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute Nodes: 4 GB of RAM, plus additional RAM for each virtual machine (at least 16 GB recommended for production); 30 GB of hard disk space, plus additional space for virtual machines and local storage; Intel-VT or AMD-V virtualization extensions.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Swift Storage Nodes: 4 GB of RAM; 30 GB of hard disk space, plus additional space for distributed object storage.

Download and Install Instructions

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is available for download for the x86_64 platform.

DVD1 contains the binary packages, DVD2 the source code, and DVD3 the debug packages.

For installation, only SUSE-OPENSTACK-CLOUD-7-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso is needed.


Before installation of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7, it is highly recommended to read the Deployment Guide which provides detailed and step-by-step instructions.

Adding SUSE OpenStack Cloud

You can install SUSE OpenStack Cloud along with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 as an add-on upon base product installation or later; see below for details on both approaches.

After the post-install configuration detailed in the Deployment Guide is completed, you can start the crowbar service: systemctl start crowbar-init. Then you can setup the database connection with: crowbarctl database create. Once the database setup is completed you can connect to the web server on your server to finalize the installation.

Adding SUSE OpenStack Cloud During Base Product Installation

Select the "Include Add-On Products from Separate Media" box on the Installation Mode screen.

Depending on your installation, you can add SUSE OpenStack Cloud from DVD1 or from a remote installation source, such as an FTP server, on the next screen.

Adding SUSE OpenStack Cloud Post SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 Installation

  • Under YaST2, Select "Software" - "Add-On Product", add DVD1 of SUSE OpenStack Cloud or a remote installation source.
  • Follow the installation workflow steps presented.


SUSE OpenStack Cloud comes with four guides, available under the docu directory on the DVD1 image or online at

  • The Deployment Guide gives an introduction to the SUSE OpenStack Cloud architecture, lists the requirements, and describes how to set up, deploy, and maintain the individual components.
  • The Admin Guide describes the management of projects and users, images, flavors, quotas, and networks.
  • The End User Guide describes how to manage images, instances, networks, volumes, and track usage.
  • The Supplement to Admin Guide and End User Guide contains additional information for admin users and end users guides that is specific to SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

Additional Information

For further information regarding this release, see the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Release Notes.

Legal Notice

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