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Container Security: Zero Trust Runtime Security


Protect data in production  

Traditional security practices focus on exceptions, blocklists, signatures, malware, and vulnerability scanning. These legacy approaches, while important to a layered security approach, focus efforts on being reactive which is becoming harder to scale. Zero-Trust is critical in moving to a proactive approach to security, where we can declare acceptable behavior and block anything anomalous to your desired state at the packet and application layers.  

NeuVector discovers normal connections and application container behavior and automatically builds a security policy to protect container-based services. NeuVector correlates application, network, process, and file access layers to assure you have the multi-vector accuracy needed for zero-trust. NeuVector is a pioneer in this space, especially in the ability to see and act on application traffic (layer 7). 

An example of Zero Trust would be, for each application, to review and customize, if necessary, the allowed behavior for network connections, process, and file activity, and then lock the application down so any other activity is untrusted. 


  • Protect containers against attacks from internal and external networks 
  • Deep Packet Inspection: the only real-time identification and blocking of network, packet, zero-day and application attacks like DDoS and DNS. 
  • Detect and Mitigate Application Threats with a Container Firewall: identify and block at Layer 7 between container and pod pairs 


NeuVector: Full Lifecycle Cloud Container Security Platform

NeuVector is the only 100% open source, Zero Trust container security platform. Continuously scan throughout the container lifecycle,  remove security roadblocks, & bake in security policies at the start to maximize developer agility. Get started by getting NeuVector on GitHub.

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Glen Kosaka Glen is head of product security at SUSE. Glen has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise security, marketing SaaS and infrastructure software. He has held executive management positions at NeuVector, Trend Micro, Provilla, Reactivity, Resonate, Quantum and Rignite.