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Partnering for Innovation at SUSECON 2024


The countdown to SUSECON 2024 in Berlin is on! This year’s event, “Choice Happens!”, is a celebration of the freedom that our customers and partner ecosystem can have with open source to include choice, flexibility, and the power of innovation. At SUSE, partners are at the heart of our strategy to provide that freedom of choice – it is through valuable partnerships like yours that we can deliver innovative solutions that solve our customers’ challenges.

The Power of Partnerships

Why the focus on partnerships? The open source landscape is vast, dynamic and constantly evolving. No single entity will have all the answers. That’s where our valued partners come in – your expertise, innovative solutions, and shared passion for open source fuel the collaborative spirit that defines SUSECON. Collaboration across the ecosystem is how we all win.

Each year, hundreds of SUSE customers, partners, and community members meet at SUSECON. Partners showcase cutting-edge open source solutions, engage in thought-provoking dialogues, and foster connections that spark the next accelerated advancement. This collaborative spirit defines the essence of SUSECON, and as a sponsor, you play a critical role in bringing it to life.

What’s in it for you?

  • Reach a targeted audience: SUSECON attracts decision-makers and influencers actively seeking open source solutions. This is your platform to make a powerful impression on the right people.
  • Showcase your thought leadership: Share your expertise through engaging presentations, demonstrations, and interactive sessions. Establish your position as a key player in the open source landscape.
  • Build meaningful connections: Network with potential partners and customers, fostering relationships that can lead to exciting collaborations and mutual growth.
  • Shape the future of open source: Be part of the conversations that define the future of open source technology. Contribute your ideas and help drive innovation forward.
  • Flexibility is key. We understand that each partner is unique, so we offer customizable sponsorship packages tailored to your specific needs and goals. Want to host a breakout session and delve deep into your solution? We make it possible. Craving wider brand exposure through pre-event marketing and onsite branding? We’ve got you covered.


“Partnering at SUSECON isn’t just about showcasing your products and services; it’s about fostering collaboration. The partnerships forged at this event, nurtured by a shared passion for open source, have led to tight-knit collaborations and fueled impressive progress. It’s an investment in the future, with truly remarkable returns.”

– Ivo Totev, CMO

Explore how you can unlock the full potential of your partnership at SUSECON 2024. Contact Jenny Lindstaedt at for more information, or visit our SUSECON website.

The Power of Many. Together as One. See you in Berlin!

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