Software Development, Microservices & Container Management – Part III – Why Kubernetes? A Deep Dive into Kubernetes world


In the past years, Kubernetes has been a leader in the software development world in facilitating and enabling Cloud native development and supporting the implementation of DevOps. Many of the developers like Kubernetes, or how we are used to nick name it k8s ?, as it really makes development easier for them but on the other hand operators and business owners have doubts still on how to govern and deliver business in a good quality; lots of question about how complex is K8s and how can it meet the needs of the developers, operators, business owners and even solution architects: let us try and break the ice in this webinar together and take a deep dive in the K8s world and explain how can it meet all the stakeholders requirements/needs in a simple manner. We will also go through a set of usecases which is delivered by K8s.

Together with my colleague Bettina Bassermann and SUSE partners, we will be running a series of blogs and webinars from SUSE (Software Development, Microservices & Container Management, a SUSE webinar series on modern Application Development), and try to address the former questions and doubts about K8s and Cloud Native development and how it is not compromising quality and control.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • Evolution of Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Kubernetes Components
  • Deep dive in K8s Networking (comparing different alternatives)
  • Deep dive in K8s Containerization (comparing different alternatives)
  • Deep dive in K8s Monitoring (comparing different alternatives)
  • Deep dive in K8s Governance & Collaboration (comparing different alternatives)
  • Multi Cloud Usecase
  • DevOps Usecase


Please join us on the 13th of December 2019, 09:00 AM GMT for this webinar.

Webinar Link:

Why Kubernetes? A Deep Dive into Kubernetes world Webinar

Presentation slides:

Why Kubernetes- A Deep Dive in Options Benefits and Use Cases

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