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Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bets on Application Containerization with the Help of SUSE Rancher


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is betting on the implementation and use of containerized business applications in accordance with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards. In cooperation with Linux Polska Sp. z o.o., among others, the bank implemented in production the SUSE Rancher containerization platform, an intuitive tool that facilitates the management of multiple Kubernetes clusters. The solution will significantly speed up the process of developing and deploying business-critical applications in line with DevOps and CI/CD best practices.

(The following text with statements from representatives of the parties involved comes from a communiqué prepared by Linux Polska in cooperation with SUSE Polska.)

Why should you pay attention to the SUSE Rancher platform?

SUSE Rancher is an ideal solution for organizations that have multiple application clusters. It allows you to centrally manage clusters in any environment (bare metal, virtual, hybrid cloud), using a unified interface. SUSE Rancher works particularly well for organizations with heterogeneous container environments that require standardization.

“We are pleased to be part of the IT transformation implemented by a major government bank and its professional team of specialists,” says Dariusz Świąder, CEO of Linux Polska. “The implementation of a new containerization platform for banking applications, based on SUSE Rancher, is a remarkable event for us, illustrating the power of open source solutions and the openness of institutions (such as the bank) to modern solutions. As independent consultants, we conclude that BGK made the optimal choice, not only in terms of functional requirements, but also multi-year TCO. SUSE Rancher is one of the containerization platforms for which Linux Polska, in recent years, has decided to build a professional engineering team to support implementations.”


“BGK is currently undergoing a kind of revolution that covers every aspect of its operations,” says Sebastian Jaworski, director of IT Systems Development at BGK. “We are in the process of implementing projects for the Central Banking System, the Treasury BackOffice system, the electronic banking system and the BPM system with extensive rebuilding in the area of supporting software and infrastructure. Given our limited human resources for maintenance and management, one of our main goals is to standardize solutions and maximize automation; the Rancher platform is one of those elements that fit perfectly into our IT strategy.”


Maciej Stalewski, director of IT Services Management at BGK, says, “Implementing such a large-scale change across BGK requires providing the right facilities and tools. Digital transformation is already a process that is evident in BGK’s DNA. We intend to maintain this momentum in the coming years and be technologically ready for the dynamically changing reality and needs.”


Marcin Madey, president of SUSE Poland, states, “In today’s world, every financial institution is a technology company. Entities such as BGK, therefore, need to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of implementing innovative digital services, shorten the time of implementation and ensure an appropriate level of security for users, all while keeping cost efficiency in mind. Nowadays, technology innovation and the ease of its application is a key issue to take on the challenges brought by digitization. The use of SUSE Rancher software has made it possible to build a cloud-in-a-box solution inside BGK, which quickly and efficiently allows the creation of IT ecosystems based on microservices and introduces a high level of process automation in operating the platform. As a result, BGK has entered the ranks of the leaders in digital transformation.”


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