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Welcome Fast 5, SUSE Enterprise Storage gets turbo charged and a little blue


Our multi-award winning SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph Technology has already calved out a name for itself and as an ideal solution for compliance, archive, backup and large data applications. Where our customers can simplify and scale without limitations, at a fraction of the cost of pretty much any other comparable solution (yup we’ve done the TCO)


Now meet SUSE Enterprise Storage 5


Faster, more efficient and simpler to manage!!!!


SUSE Enterise Storage 5, based on the Ceph Luminous release, broadens the scope and use cases for the SUSE Software Defined Storage solution.   “BlueStore”, a new native object storage backend increases performances by up to a factor of 2 (yup 200%!!),  combined with significant enhancement in management and  storage efficiencies.


So what’s in the release?


  • Well first there is the previously mentioned “BlueStore”. BlueStore is a new native object storage backend for Ceph.  With BlueStore enabled SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 offers up to double the write performance of previous releases, coupled with significant reductions in I/O latency.  This enables SUSE Enterprise Storage to now  service environments and applications that require higher levels of performance.
  • Then we’ve added ability to free up capacity and reduce data footprint via BlueStore enabled Data Compression.
  • We’ve increased disk space efficiency of a fault tolerant solution through support of Erasure Coding for Replicated block devices and CephFS data.
  • Operational efficiencies have been improved with an expanded advanced graphical user interface (openAttic) for simplified management and improved cost efficiencies
  • Cluster management and orchestration is optimized through enhanced Salt integration.
  • Heterogeneity enhancements with support of the Network File System (NFS) Gateway exporting CephFS. This function enables users on a client computer to access files over a computer network.
  • Production support for the NFS Gateway exporting the RADOS object gateway (RGW). This enables legacy file applications that need a filesystem interface the ability to access native Amazon S3 or Swift data.
  • Preview of Ceph’s ability to export a file system to CIFS/Samba for heterogeneous connectivity.


SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 with be generally on October 31st


SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Press Release. 


Learn more….


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Spend less and protect more with SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 for Disk to disk backup


Happy Reading!


Jason Phippen – Senior Product Marketing Manager for Storage

Larry Morris – Senior Product Manager for Storage


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