Like most businesses, your demand for data storage is increasing much more quickly than your budget. SUSE's scalable and resilient software-defined storage solution not only dramatically increases flexibility and scalability, but it reduces both capital and operational expenses. Powered by open source Ceph technology, a truly unified block, object, and file solution for bulk and large data that incorporates intelligent self-management and self-healing that allows you to stay ahead of rapid growth.


Reduce Costs

Because you can use off-the-shelf servers and disk drives, Software Defined Storage from SUSE eliminates the need to purchase expensive arrays and appliances. Typically, a SUSE software defined Storage is over 30 percent less expensive than the average capacity-optimized NAS solution, and it's 50 percent less expensive than deploying the average capacity-optimized, mid-range disk array.

Simplify Management

Managing complex, multi-vendor, proprietary storage environments is expensive and time-consuming. SUSE software defined storage provides an advanced management interface and continuously monitors data utilization and re-balances data placement, which eliminates the need for someone to monitor and manage storage administration. The ability to self-manage saves time, money, and allows you to efficiently administer growth.

Adapt Quickly

Software defined storage from SUSE is designed to give you tremendous flexibility. Its powerful combination of functionality, APIs, and integrations provides you with the tools to adapt quickly to evolving business needs.

Available Products

SUSE Enterprise Storage