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SUSE Enterprise Storage

Reduce Data Storage Backup Costs

Your business deserves the best in enterprise data backup. SUSE Enterprise Storage can help. This software-defined storage solution provides a scalable and lower cost disk to disk backup approach that helps simplify the backup process and is certified to work with a growing number of enterprise backup software vendors, including Commvault, Veritas and Data Protector.

With our unique per node pricing approach, not per gigabyte, you’ll never pay more just for storing more data. If you reach the point where you need to expand, simply buy another server license and add another node to the cluster. The storage software automatically integrates the new server and distributes the workload.

Real Savings
Using SUSE Enterprise Storage for your disk to disk solution enables real savings:
  • Lower TCO with an enterprise-grade open source software-defined open source storage solution built on commodity hardware.
  • Reduce management costs with an intelligent solution that is self-managing and self-healing.
  • Decrease upgrade impact and costs with a flexible, highly scalable and resilient cluster-based design, easy upgrades and an innovative licensing model that avoids per-gigabyte storage charges.

With minimal acquisition cost, management cost, and upgrade cost, our enterprise data storage solution is the lowest-price option for enterprise archive and backup implementations.

Decrease Cost and Increase Scale:

Manage your disk-to-disk backup solution in an efficient and scalable way

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