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Dare to Transform IT with SUSE Global Services


“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.”

Transformation is a Journey

I love this quote by Søren Kierkegaard.   It talks to me in so many ways because to reach your destination you have to go on a journey.  And to make that journey, you need to start.  Starting can often be uncomfortable and you often lose your footing momentarily.  But what happens if you don’t start?  What if you’re not curious about your destination and your possibilities?  Would you indeed “lose yourself?”

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself what this has to do with digital transformation. More specifically,  how does SUSE Global Services help you in your journey?  The answer:  SUSE is announcing two new services offerings today – SUSE Discovery Services and SUSE Assist: Design Services.

Start Your Transformation.  Today.

Your business has a destination.  It is being required to change to meet the pace of the digital economy.  Not in five years but today.  But, in a recent interview, Katy Ring, Research Director at 451 Research, said that many businesses are sitting “like rabbits paralyzed” when it comes to digital transformation projects.

So how do you ”dare” to start your change or “dare to transform?”  You start with SUSE.  SUSE Global Services has made it easy for you to start your projects.  Today we are announcing two new services to help you dare to modernize your business.

SUSE Discovery Services:  Explore the Possibilities of Transformation

Start every transformation project with SUSE Discovery Services. In these one-day sessions, you will work with SUSE technical and business professionals to help align your business and technical objectives for your transformation.  Our team will share the best open source solution and service options with your team so you can achieve those goals.

Discovery Services are designed to provide you with a high-level roadmap that provides the right next step that allows you to confidently start your transformation project.

SUSE Assist: Design Services: Accelerating Implementation for Transformation

Have you ever started a project without reading the instructions?  And then well into the project, you wish you had?   SUSE Assist: Design Services are your instructions for the successful and rapid implementation of your transformative solutions.

During a Design Services session, you and your team will partner with SUSE technical professionals to gain insight into how your selected SUSE Solutions should be implemented and integrated with your existing infrastructure.

SUSE Assist: Design Services help you to accelerate implementation by providing the design details specific to your environment and use cases, saving you time and effort while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls during the deployment phase of your project.

SUSE Global Services Customer Journey:  Partnering with You for Transformative Success

With the addition of SUSE Discovery Services and SUSE Assist: Design Services, SUSE now has a complete portfolio of simple, packaged offerings that will accelerate your transformation to modernize your business.  Together, we call these services the SUSE Global Services Customer Journey.

SUSE Global Services Customer Transformation Journey

The SUSE Global Services Customer Journey has four phases:

  • Discover, including the exploration of open source solutions, the aligning of business and technical leadership, and the outlining of a proposed solution to get customers to where they want to be.
  • Design, which accelerates implementation by providing design details specific to each customer’s environment and use cases, saving time and effort.
  • Deployment, which helps ensure successful implementations and the rapid realization of investment return.
  • Optimize, including direct access to trusted SUSE technical and business professionals for proactive maintenance, support services and knowledge transfer.


The good news? The full set of SUSE service offerings are fixed-cost packaged offerings that provide defined, quantifiable results that map to business objectives.

So dare to transform; choose the right partner to simplify, accelerate and modernize your business.  Start your journey today with SUSE Global Services!

Read the press release at suse.com/c/news.

Download the flyer here.

Learn more at suse.com/services


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