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Why Structure Your Cloud Spend any Differently than Your On-Premise Spend?


Since joining SUSE, I’ve been talking with our customers and sales teams to learn more about how enterprises are consuming SUSE technologies. Very quickly, some consistent messages have come through—you want a multi-product, multi-year agreement to consume SUSE’s enterprise-grade open source technologies on the cloud, with the freedom to scale your solution architecture as needed.

Plus, you told us that you want the ability to switch spend between SUSE offerings without impacting your contract so you can adapt to evolving business needs with ease. 

Say hello to streamlined solutions that drive faster time-to-value

Our recent groundbreaking deals with AWS and Google Cloud offer you just that:

  • Ability to purchase multiple SUSE offerings through one contract
  • Include multi-year subscription options
  • Ability to switch your spend between SUSE offerings without impacting your contract

This new way of procuring software on the cloud offers you stability and predictability, in an uncertain world, and making it easier for you to roll out your technology projects on budget.

Say goodbye to fragmented spending

Complex problems demand comprehensive solutions, and that’s exactly what we offer. 

From operating systems to container management, we are able to address complexity and simplify management, while providing security across your applications. 

Whether you’re a Rancher Prime customer or managing a highly distributed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP estate, we are reshaping the way you purchase software, through groundbreaking agreements with cloud providers that offers you a path to simplified procurement and significant cost savings.

Our holistic approach to procurement ensures you have everything you need in one place. 

Streamline Your Cloud Spend with SUSE: Unlocking Value, Choice, and Flexibility

But we don’t stop there. 

These strategic alliances with cloud providers represent just the beginning of our commitment to driving value for our customers. From seamless migrations to cost-saving initiatives, we’re here to support your transformation every step of the way.

Reach out to our cloud experts at cloud@suse.com today to learn how our innovative buying program can simplify your procurement process with a single agreement for all SUSE offerings on the marketplace catalog.

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