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The Future of Infrastructure and the Software-Defined Organisation


The future is something that has been depicted in many ways, from cyborg law enforcement in Robocop, to George Orwell’s dystopian 1984 where every move the population makes is monitored by the government, to Roger Vadim’s Barbarella, where Jane Fonda’s eponymous character enjoyed the future very much indeed (as did the audience).

While the future we see may not contain rampaging androids, flying cars or even Jaws 19, the future of the datacentre is something that we can predict accurately (for at least the next few years).

The future is software-defined

Software-defined infrastructure, or SDI as it is also known, is a phrase that is bandied around a lot these days. Most agree that it is the future of infrastructure, in fact a 2017 SUSE survey of over 1,400 global IT decision makers revealed that 95% believe SDI to be the future of the datacentre. However, software-defined infrastructure is still something that results in a fair amount of confusion in many quarters.

Here at SUSE, we firmly believe that SDI is the future for many companies, so we have commissioned analyst firm 451 Research to produce a Pathfinder paper on this very subject. This is intended to help decision-makers navigate through the issues surrounding SDI, and gives some recommendations for considerations and next steps in the decision making process.

The future is now

If your business is transitioning to become a Software-Defined Organisation and you’re looking for some guidance on where to start, or even just want to understand more about all things software-defined, then please join our “8 Essentials for SDI” webinar on October 23rd, or click here to download the Pathfinder paper. Once you’ve read the paper or listened to the webinar, if you’d like to read more about SUSE and SDI, then visit our SDI Solutions web page. Whether you’re looking for software-defined storage, to build your own software-defined infrastructure within your datacentre, or are looking to start to leverage public clouds, we’ve got a solution to help you to achieve your future, now.

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