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SUSE Studio Onsite End of Support


Anyone who’s used the Open Build Service will know how easy (and free!) it is to use when creating and distributing software packages. As this has proven to be such a success, I’m announcing the end of support, or sunset, of the data center edition of SUSE Studio, SUSE Studio Onsite, from the 31st of March 2019. The online service SUSE Studio was replaced by the Open Build Service in 2018, so it was an obvious choice to replace the SUSE Studio Onsite with Open Build Service in the data center.

SUSE offers the Open Build Service as a free online service at, and it can also be installed as an on-site service with support by SUSE. Customers can migrate to the Open Build Service and enjoy extra functionality over SUSE Studio, including:

  • Building for various distributions and SUSE versions
  • Building of packages
  • Building of container images
  • Collaboration
  • Reviews
  • Support for additional architectures including cross-building

SUSE Studio Onsite was created as a product to make it easier build appliances, but as the Open Build Service grew in popularity and functionality, it became evident that the Open Build Service was the clear replacement for SUSE Studio . The last major update to it came in December 2018 with the enablement of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP 4, but the product is now sunset and support for it ends on the 31st of March.


Bye, Bye, Dister!


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