Announcing the release of SUSE Customer Center’s new landing page


At SUSE, we are committed to providing our customers and partners with the best possible support and resources. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new landing page for the SUSE Customer Center (SCC).

We know that finding the technical and support resources you need can sometimes be a challenge, and we want to fix that. So, we listened to your feedback and embarked on a project to improve our support resources and make them easier to find. SCC’s new landing page is the first step in that journey.

We invite you to check out the new landing page and read on to learn about how we built it and what’s included.


Screenshot of SCC's new landing page


How we built the new landing page

To create the new landing page, we started by making an inventory of all the online resources that are useful for you, our customers. Then, we created an initial design, based on the most used resources according to our web analytics. We shared the initial design internally and iterated on it with the help of our subject matter experts. We then released it to the SUSE Collective. The SUSE Collective members provided us with additional detailed feedback, which was invaluable in creating the final result.

What’s included in the landing page

We’ve gathered all SUSE and Rancher resources together into a unified home. This includes direct links to resources such as subscription management, product downloads, the Rancher Academy, and training. A new search engine helps you quickly find the answers you need from our documentation, knowledge base, and more.

We’re excited about the new landing page and believe it will make your support journey with us easier and more efficient. We are committed to continuously improving our support resources and welcome your feedback on the new landing page (from SCC, simply click on the orange “Feedback” tab on the right).

Please head over to the SUSE Customer Center and check out the new landing page today!

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Hernán Schmidt Product Manager, SUSE Customer Center