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Welcome to Rancher Academy


After tremendous work by our team, I am pleased to announce the launch of Rancher Academy. Rancher Academy is our online educational platform that provides free, community training on Kubernetes and Rancher.

Available on-demand, these training courses are led by our team of expert technical evangelists and will instill confidence in Kubernetes and Rancher users as they learn from the very best in the industry.

Our Mission with Rancher Academy

As Kubernetes approaches its 9th birthday, the community still faces challenges in user adoption and knowledge sharing across the ecosystem. The innate complexity of Kubernetes is still a barrier to entry for organizations looking to embrace a truly cloud-native-based infrastructure stack. Our mission with Rancher Academy is to help operators bridge that gap.  

For Rancher users looking to brush up their fundamental knowledge, Rancher Academy provides an interactive repository of courses that enables them to learn the best practices and how to start implementing them across their environments – helping them build better and more resilient Kubernetes.

We believe that providing free-to-use and expert-led technical training is the first step in helping Rancher and Kubernetes users accelerate their container journey by overcoming and demystifying the common complexities of Kubernetes. Amplifying SUSE’s commitment to open source, Rancher Academy aims to provide any community member with access to in-depth technical knowledge across the cloud native space.

What to Expect from Rancher Academy

Rancher Academy is designed to be the first step in your journey to using Rancher and Kubernetes successfully. Maybe you’ve worked with Kubernetes before but want to brush up on the basics, maybe you’re an expert looking for a way to educate your team or maybe you’re even a project manager trying to learn more about the tools your team uses. Rancher Academy can help.

Our goal is to give people an accessible way to build resilience and upskill their Kubernetes knowledge to better fit the growing calls for versatility in a changing landscape.

As of today, we have three courses currently available for academy members:

With the strong knowledge of Rancher and Kubernetes that you and your team will develop from these courses, you can accelerate your Kubernetes with confidence and start driving a culture of innovation across your container stack.

Want to Learn More?

Head over to Rancher Academy to sign up and start your cloud native journey the right way.

Keep an eye out for new courses and updates to Rancher Academy as we continue to expand and enhance our learning experience for the community.