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SLE BCI Base Container available for US government agencies on Iron Bank


In a nutshell

Iron Bank, a public registry containing US Department of Defense (DoD)-built, hardened and approved container images has included SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Container Images (SLE BCI) into their hardened base images catalog.

This accreditation testifies to SLE BCI’s safety and reliability, and reconfirm its relevance in supporting the industry-wide push for more secure software supply chain.

What is Iron Bank

Iron Bank is an integral service of Platform One, a modern cloud-era platform that provides valuable tooling, can host CI/CD DevSecOps pipelines and offers a secure Kubernetes platform for hosting. 

What is SLE BCI

SLE BCI is an enterprise Container Image that is part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product family, providing a maintained and secured foundation. It allows the development and deployment of 100% supported containerized applications within a secure software supply chain, inheriting the reliability and security of the SLES family—the only General Purpose Linux Operating System granted Common Criteria EAL4+ certification. It allows you to Build, deploy, and scale your applications on SUSE maintained containers that are redistributable, open source, secure and dependable

SLE BCI comes in a variety of flavors from minimal to extensible base images, development containers for most common language stacks, and application containers for popular open-source components. It provides FIPS 140-2 compatible and hardened base container images to meet some of the most demanding use cases in the market.

Where to find more

You can get SLE BCI directly from us at our public registry:

Your SLE subscription will cover the BCI containers that run on top of your subscribed SLE OS.  If you want to purchase a subscription for a non-SLE host, please reach out to us, we will help you.

In order to use the SLE BCI through Iron Bank, search for “bci” or reach out and we’ll help you.