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Storage solution and engaged partnership between Fujitsu and SUSE


Fujitsu and SUSE have been partners for many years, and we are strategically collaborating on the needs and issues of customers in enterprise environments such as SUSE Business Critical Linux.

At the online event SUSECON digital started from May 20, Fujitsu Keynote session will explain the solution development of both companies to the future market. At last year’s SUSECON, a technical session was conducted based on verification information on how to achieve system update and non-disruptive data migration to SUSE Enterprise Storage without stopping service and user access by Fujitsu and SUSE for existing Ceph environment. Please don’t miss Fujitsu Data Driven transformation sessions at SUSECON digital this year.

In response to the recent spread of IoT and DX (Digital Transformation), and the need for better way to manage upsurge data growth including remote work, Fujitsu and SUSE are working on a Software Defined Storage solution, which resolved customer issues at several sites. Please read the article for advantages of a server-based solution that expands the system without limits and simple & cost effective operation and management. You can understand our solution to address the challenges of operating costs for existing storage environments and new systems that you cannot imagine how much data will increase.

In order to choose SUSE Enterprise Storage based on Ceph, which is a widely used open source technology, along with Fujitsu’s highly reliable server, we provide the necessary installation and deployment services for the enterprise environment. You can find the joint solution such as documents for operation management and support after implementation, and for details on what kind of customer environment and application it is used to solve the problem, see the article at the end and the some solution white papers & customer use cases. Please contact Fujitsu or SUSE first, as it can be considered after evaluation in a test environment.

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