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SUSECON 2023 Just the way you like it… In Person or Online – you choose!


SUSECON is entering its second decade of providing awesome technical content, and while the online editions of SUSECON have been amazing, we are excited to get back to our roots – bringing people together to learn, to share, and to come away knowing much more than when we arrived.

I attended my first SUSECON in 2019, in Nashville – it was awesome! I have been participating in, and managing, events in the high tech industry for over 20 years and I can honestly say, there is nothing quite like SUSECON. There is an energy and enthusiasm shared by SUSE SMEs and attendees alike. It is like a gathering of old friends, a gathering that grows with a warm welcome of new friends every year.

Over the past 3 years, I orchestrated the session content development and delivery for the online editions of SUSECON, and though I am very likely biased, I think the breadth, depth, and quality of content was extraordinary! This year I am excited about the great content in development and am equally grateful and eager to be meeting in person again! We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new friends, AND continuing to offer a great library of content. Nothing can replicate the experience of being onsite, face to face, with friends, colleagues, and lots of really smart people having great conversations. Likewise, nothing can replace the reach of an online event. Thousands that would not be able to attend a face to face event have benefited from the online experience, and in addition to the in-person event, we will continue to provide that experience!

One more note about content… while many events offer a “Convince Your Boss” information, we would like to suggest that you “Bring Your Boss!”.  Let them feel the energy, and perhaps more importantly, participate in content we are curating just for them!

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