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Transform Edge Operations with SLE Micro 5.4


SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro, a lightweight operating system, is purpose-built for containerized and virtualized workloads. It is fully integrated with Rancher and available as part of SUSE Edge 2.0. Organizations using SUSE Edge can manage both Kubernetes and operating systems (SLE Micro) from a single dashboard of Rancher.

Latest release – SLE Micro 5.4 is generally available now.

What’s new?

This latest release of SLE Micro is a stabilization and consolidation release geared towards improving security, usability and reliability. Main changes include:

  • Configuration change of SELinux to enforced mode from permissive mode.
  • Enhancements for real-time deployments and mobile broadband modems.

What are the use cases of SLE Micro?

Single-node container host, Kubernetes cluster node, single-node KVM virtualization host or in public cloud.

Customers can incorporate SLE Micro into their digital transformation plans in a way that allows them to transition workload designs from monolithic to microservices, at their own pace. They can start with container workloads or virtualize their current legacy workloads, then move to containerized workloads when they are ready, with no change in the underlying system platform.

Perfect for Edge.

SLE Micro is the optimal choice for an edge device with its immutable design, small footprint, ease of customization, and built-in security. SLE Micro’s integration with Rancher transforms edge operations by providing a fully integrated cloud native solution to manage the whole stack – from applications to Kubernetes to operating systems. This enables customers to deliver incident-free day zero, day one and day two operations for running complex, cloud native workloads in edge-based locations. In addition, it reduces the need to retrain teams to manage the operating system. You can manage your OS easily alongside Kubernetes clusters and applications from the same dashboard. As a result, you save operating costs, improve IT operations’ efficiency, and enable scale management.

Modernize Telecom Operations.

SLE Micro as part of SUSE’s Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform (ATIP), provides the foundation for a flexible and adaptable infrastructure that future-proofs next-generation networks to support novel applications and use cases expected to arise from 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing and general Edge computing.

Modernize Embedded Systems.

SLE Micro is used by systems integrators to reduce maintenance costs and modernize their embedded systems by supporting container workloads on an immutable infrastructure that is easy to maintain and update.


SLE Micro, teamed with other SUSE technologies, aims to be the foundation of container workloads deployed in all areas of production – edge environments, embedded, industrial IoT, and a variety of compute environments inside or outside the data center.

Explore and try SLE Micro from here.

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