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Stichting Praktijkleren partners with the SUSE Academic Program to support local Dutch Academies


In places like the Netherlands, SUSE relies on academic partners to share all of the free resources of the academic program with local educational communities. A newly established partnership with Stichting Praktijkleren will allow SUSE to reach more Dutch schools and students than ever before. Academy Support Centre (ASC) Praktijkleren is the support centre in the Netherlands that supports academies in promoting up-to-date skills in education. Stichting Praktijkleren has a strong network of academies that join together and bring teachers in contact with providers of relevant up-to-date ICT training courses to prepare students for their professional future in the field of ICT. Already working with a number of schools in the Netherlands, including the Avans Hogeschool and Drenthe College, we hope to see our footprint spread with support from Stichting Praktijkleren.


Stichting Praktijkleren: “It is our goal that students are prepared for their professional future in the field of ICT. That is why we support their training with resources and services.”


How they do it: “We bring teachers into contact with providers of relevant, current IT training courses, so that students are trained with the correct certifications for professional practice. In addition, we are committed to expanding the range of ICT training on offer, translating teaching materials, providing teacher training and promoting collaboration between the various parties.”


What does this mean for teachers: “You will have access to a wide range of current digital teaching materials.  We promote cooperation between your school and our partners.  As a teacher you receive support and training with the introduction of training. We can offer certifications at special prices.  We help you to promote market-based knowledge and skills within your (ICT) education.”


Some of the benefits Stichting Praktijkleren members will now have access to, include:

  • Training—Materials for certified Linux and other courses, both for trainers and students.
  • Curriculum—Campus-use of these materials for student education by faculty staff.
  • Use SUSE for education— Use SUSE products for free for educational or lab purposes.
  • Use SUSE for administrative or production workloads– make use of a highly beneficial buying program to buy SUSE products at the right level of support, including special products and terms and conditions only available and priced for educational institutes.
  • Development Resources—Access to tools and products for using in lab, software development or other education settings.
  • Support—Access to knowledge-base, forums and technical support.


You can find more about Stichting Praktijkleren by visiting

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