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Simpler Future with SAP and Partners: Your Choice of Innovation at Lower Cost and Higher Performance


Numerous practical examples demonstrate that SAP solutions with partners are continuing to make great strides in the IT market. This is especially true for SAP customers who migrate their business-critical applications to save costs and increase availability and system performance, including companies that rely on the in-memory database SAP HANA or want to make their SAP environment fit for the cloud.


Some of the latest success stories come from the fresh produce wholesaler Turners & Growers (PDF) in New Zealand, Leiden University in the Netherlands (PDF), and the Italian catering group CIR Food (PDF). All three of these organizations migrated their SAP environments to SUSE Linux in preparation for the growing market requirements.

And with excellent results.


While Turners & Growers benefited from halved SAP license costs by migrating from Oracle database to IBM DB2, 15% more system performance, and considerably less IT administration outlay, the leading international Leiden University emphasized, following its SAP ERP systems migration from Solaris to SUSE, that “the new SUSE Linux operation system offers greater openness and complete hardware independence, enabling us to cut costs and further standardize our IT operations, boosting efficiency.”

cirAt CIR Food, the Linux migration even resulted in 70% less operating costs, which the catering supplier immediately reinvested in the fast SAP HANA database technology to optimize its forecast and budget planning through near real-time data analyses.

 “Best for Cloud Solutions”  

consolWhen SAP operations in its own virtualized data center were no longer sufficient to meet the growing requirements of its customers, Consol Glass (PDF), Africa’s largest glass manufacturer, decided to migrate its entire highly complex SAP system environment to T-Systems’ Dynamic Cloud Platform, based on Intel architecture servers, featuring VMware virtualization technology and running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

The company has maximized performance and uptime for vital business systems, while cutting IT operational costs by approximately 25 percent. SAP enable customers to run better and simple by building and empowering its ecosystems of partners, like in this case, T-Systems, Intel, VMware, and SUSE.

Automate SAP HANA System Replication 

But who really likes to rest on their laurels? SAP Linux Lab, SAP HANA solution team, and SUSE constantly designing and validating value added solutions to meet the high technical demands of the SAP environment. For example, by providing the new high-availability features, customers can automate SAP HANA system replication, thus enabling them to optimize the availability of their databases – in particular with the “memory preloading” functions of SAP HANA (SCN).


Simpler Future with SAP and Partners

Partnering for customers need to be driven by innovation that rock performance and cut costs. SUSE has fifteen years of successful global partnership with SAP offering thousands of customers enterprise ready open source software.



  • Avatar photo Marijn says:

    Great article Naji and as you know SUSE just kicked-off a SAP HANA workshop at the Walldorf Partner Portal in collaboration with HP, Intenzz and SAP. The next workshop is planned for October 21, 2014. More information on the agenda, the goal and the registration page can be found here:

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