Safeguard Your SAP Operations with Trento 1.0 GA


Following the successful launch of the ‘RampUp’ phase of Trento announced in December 2021, today we are delighted to announce the general availability of Trento 1.0 GA for production use cases.

What is Trento?

Trento is an open source solution developed by SUSE which assures the integrity of a customer’s SAP environment by continuously enforcing best practices and validating system configurations. It also allows for the remediation of misconfigurations to reduce the risk and cost of operation.



What’s new in Trento 1.0 GA?

The SUSE team has worked closely with some of our largest customers and experts from SAP to expand Trento 1.0’s scope significantly:

  • The initial plan was to release Trento 1.0 GA with a focus on Microsoft Azure, however, it now covers all major cloud service providers. This means that Trento can also check HA configurations for SAP deployments based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Trento 1.0 GA also integrates with the existing SLES for SAP Applications’ monitoring capabilities into its web UI. This allows it to collect key metrics from all components in an SAP stack starting from the SAP application itself, going on to the HA stack, and then down to the operating system.
  • There are also changes in the backend, with Trento’s responsive UI framework being the most notable one. With this significant backend change, check results will not only be displayed to the user but administrators to be notified by email whenever any failure or relevant event occurs.

Community vs Premium

Trento is an open source project which is available on GitHub. This free version is ideal for SAP customers who want to ‘kick the tires’ of Trento and deploy it in development or testing environments.

For those customers that want to use Trento in production, SUSE provides a premium edition that is fully supported by SUSE and available through the SUSE container registry

Customers can pull the latest Trento images as a container and deploy them on either their CSPs public Kubernetes environment or a self-hosted Kubernetes environment. Trento’s container-based delivery makes it a lot easier for customers to upgrade and stabilize their deployment since an update to the environment is easily handled by the container management software. This approach will also allow SUSE to innovate quickly, adding new capabilities to the solution without disruption to customer deployments or very long testing cycles.

To find out more about using Trento in your SAP environment, visit the Trento homepage or contact us directly.


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