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SAPPHIRE NOW: The Realities Of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities


The following article has been contributed by Lesley Steventon, Virtual Forge, Inc.

SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference is fast approaching. Here are several great reasons to include SUSE partner – and hosting SAP partner Virtual Forge, Inc. as a “must have” on your conference agenda this year!

 Schedule an Onsite Strategy Meeting in Virtual Forge, Inc., Booth #559

Managing the cybersecurity of an interconnected business system like SAP is a challenge for all companies – large and small. The number and intensity of attacks on SAP systems increases daily and not even the US government is issuing CERTs for vulnerabilities that have been known for years. At the same time, increased regulation forces greater disclosure and increases liability. Schedule a one on one meeting with experts in this field to examine your system’s vulnerabilities –

 May 16-18, 2017

 Mini Theatre Presentation:

 Cybersecurity and Enterprise Threat Detection for SAP

Join Dr. Markus Schumacher for this live presentation, covering a range of topics from access authorization to enterprise threat detection to SIEM systems. At the end of the presentation attendees will get an opportunity to register for a free SAP Risk Assessment.

Booth #559 Sessions:

Live Hacking: Is Your SAP System Vulnerable to Cyber-Attack?

This session will exhibit the risks that custom ABAP can introduce into an SAP system and will demonstrate how hackers can exploit them through security vulnerabilities. He will also include the steps to take to ensure that your ABAP applications are safe and secure.

Validating the Security and Compliance of Transport Requests

The SAP Transport System is an important tool for moving changes through your production pipeline. Given today’s cyber threats, it is important for companies to go beyond the basic testing. In this session, you will learn what you can do to ensure that the changes that you are importing to your productive system are not going to compromise the security or result in compliance violations.

We forward to seeing everyone in Orlando!


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