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Release Candidate 1 is available for SUSE Manager 4.0


As part for the Public Beta Program we are thrilled to announce Release Candidate 1 of SUSE Manager 4.0 for:

  • SUSE Manager Server,
  • SUSE Manager Proxy,
  • SUSE Manager For Retail.


Migration from SUSE Manager 3.2 is now possible

Instructions to migrate from version 3.2 to 4.0 are still missing in our documentation but this will be fixed for FCS. Meanwhile this wiki page can be used.

Technical preview: Single Sign-On (SSO)

SUSE Manager supports Single Sign-On authentication by implementing the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2 protocol.

Mandatory requirement: An already existing and configured SAML Identity Service Provider (IdP).

SUSE Manager must be reconfigured to use the IdP as the source of authentication and post-login mapped users must be already created before enabling SSO. Check Authentication Methods in the Administration Guide for the step-to-step configuration process.

Better integration of Prometheus Monitoring

A new formula is now included, to install and manage Node and PostgreSQL exporters on Salt managed clients. This formula can be configured in the SUSE Manager Web UI.

New filters for Content Lifecycle Management

  • Filter a package by name, epoch, version, release and architecture
  • Filter a patch by advisory name


With new types of filters a complete customized project can be created by excluding specific packages and patches. Filters are also shared cross projects: whenever a filter is modified, each project that is using it just needs to rebuild and the target result will be already aligned with the new filter changes.

Requirements and Beta Codes

SLES 15 SP1 GMC is required as base OS, you can retreive it from here.
You will need at least 8 GB of main memory and 100GB of disk space to install the Server and 4 GB of main memory and 100GB of disk space to install the Proxy.

You only need SUSE Manager 4.0 Beta registration codes for the purpose of installing the SUSE Manager 4.0 Server, Proxy and Retail. No SUSE Linux Enterprise Server registration code is needed.

Registration is not working with your regular SUSE Manager key, special Beta Registration Code is required! You need to request one by contacting us at

What’s next?

There will be no Gold Master Candidate for SUSE Manager 4.0, so the next milestone will be the official release of Gold Master.

SUSE Manager 4.0 Gold Master is scheduled for Mid June.

The full beta schedule can be found at:

Have fun beta testing!

You SUSE Manager Team


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