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Major Themes
Notable Changes
Planned Releases
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Known Issues
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Welcome to the dedicated web page for the beta of SUSE Manager. SUSE Manager is a solution for organizations that require absolute control over maintenance and package deployment on their servers. It lets you manage large sets of Linux systems and keep them up to date, with automated software management, asset management, and system provisioning. SUSE Manager allows you to maintain a high level of security while effectively managing system life-cycle requirements.

Major Themes
  • Cluster Integration
    • CI/CD integration with existing Terraform and git installations (Cluster Setup) (not yet included!)
  • Usability
    • UI/UXimprovements Focused on Public Cloud and SLES 4 SAP use cases Installation & initial configuration, Daily operation (web UI part), Daily operation (SUSE Manager maintenance)
  • Scalability
    • ~10k managed systems per server for basic functionality (hardware/software inventory, patching)
  • Virtualization Management
  • Maintenance Windows and Patch Automation


Notable Changes
  • Based on SLES 15 SP2 Beta! More details
    • PostgreSQL 12 (not yet included!)
  • SLE 15 image build support
  • Upstream development with Uyuni
  • New clients support
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 12 SP5
    • MicroFocus Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 (product GA in Q2 2020)
    • CentOS 6, 7 and 8
  • Yomi as Technology Preview
    Yomi (yet one more installer) is a Salt-based installer for SUSE and openSUSE operating systems.
    In SUSE Manager 4.1, Yomi can be used as part of provisioning new clients, as an alternative to AutoYaST. Yomi consists of two components:

    • The Yomi formula, which contains the Salt states and modules required to perform the installation.
    • The operating system image, which includes the pre-configured salt-minion service.

    Detailed information on how to use Yomi is available from the Salt Guide.
    Yomi is work in progress and more operating systems and features will be added in coming releases.

  • SUSE Manager Hub XML-RPC API as Technology Preview
    The SUSE Manager Hub is a new multi-server architecture we are introducing as a technology preview in SUSE Manager 4.1 Beta 1.
    Multiple SUSE Manager Servers can be managed from a single Hub node. The Hub is a Salt master itself and the managed SUSE Manager Server servers are both a minion (to the hub) and a master (to their own minions).

Please check out our Release Notes for more information.

Planned Releases


  • Beta 2March 25, 2020
  • Beta 3April 23, 2020
  • Release CandidateMay 14, 2020
  • GMCMay 28, 2019
  • FCSEnd June, 2020 (First Customer Shipment)



Please note that we reserve the right to change or adapt this schedule depending on various factors. Rest assured that we will communicate if there is any change to the plan.



We highly recommend to download and use the SLES 15 SP2 Beta “Online” Media (both for SUSE Manager Server and SUSE Manager Proxy) or “JeOS” images (for SUSE Manager Server only!).

SUSE Manager 4.1 Server/Proxy are base products of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2. Use the SLE 15 SP2 Beta Unified Installer and enter your SUSE Manager Server or SUSE Manager Proxy Beta Registration Code to install SUSE Manager 4.1 Beta. No separate registration code for SLES 15SP2 is needed.

Note that SUSE Manager Server is only supported on x86-64, s390x and ppc64le. SUSE Manager Proxy and SUSE Manager For Retail only supported on x86-64. So please select the SLE 15 SP2 Unified Installer accordingly.


Warning: Beta Registration Code

You need to request your Beta Registration Code via, please specify if you want a registration code for SUSE Manager Server, Proxy or Retails or for all of them and for which architecture.



Note: The following Documents are drafts.

And will remain as such through out the SUSE Manager Beta Program. Documentation for Beta Products do not yet have the quality, accuracy and content of our official documentation. However we will update these documents on the fly during the SUSE Manager Beta Program.

Installation Guide, Client Configuration Guide, Upgrade Guide, Reference Guide, Administration Guide, Salt Guide, Retail Guide are all available on the same address:

Release Notes


Known Issues

    • CentOS
      When mirroring CentOS AppStreams, only the most up-to-date packages can be synchronized. If a package was previously synchronized it will remain
      available but old versions cannot be synchronized if they never were earlier.
      This will be fixed in SUSE Manager 4.1 beta 3.
    • Retail terminal deployment
      Downloading updated images on already deployed retail terminals may fail due
      to a pipe writing conflict. As a workaround, predownloading images on the
      terminal can be used (see documentation will be fixed in SUSE Manager 4.1 beta 3.
    • SLE 11 SP4 highstate failureOn SLE 11 SP4 Salt minions, applying the highstate will fail withID: null
      Function: product.installed
      Name: mgr_install_products
      Result: false
      Comment: State ‘product.all_installed’ was not found in SLS ‘packages’
      Reason: ‘product.all_installed’ is not available.

      Started: null
      Duration: 0.0
      SLS: null
      Changed: {}

      This will be fixed in SUSE Manager 4.1 beta 3.



Whenever you find a bug or have a question while using SUSE Manager, we highly recommend that you use our mailing list first, then if it really make sense you should open a bug report.

Private Channel

In case you are a SUSE’s partners or customers and would like to share some sensitive data with us (data for bug reports, feedbacks, etc), please contact us at, and we will review your case and provide a private channel with us.

Public Mailing List is our dedicated Public Mailing List to discuss SUSE Manager Beta. It is used by the SUSE Release Team to announce beta news and technical information, as well as for general or technical questions, feedback, or defect reports related to SUSE Manager Beta from our beta testers community. Only subscribers can post to our mailing lists. To subscribe, please go to

Only subscribers can post to our mailing lists. To subscribe, please go to

Please refer to our Mailing Lists Guideline for more information.



Here are the links to the SUSE Manager Bugzilla product that you will use for reporting the defects of the following products:

Create a new bug for SUSE Manager 4.1

Please refer to our complete Bugzilla guideline for more information and before creating your first bug report: how to use Bugzilla


Frequently Asked Questions
– Error message when trying to download isos

Please try again with a “Private Window” in your browser, if it works, this mean that you need to
clear your cache and cookies for and in your browser.

If it doesn’t work, sorry for the inconvenience, please report your issue to:


– Beta Subscription and Registration Code


Warning: Beta Registration Code

Registration is not working with your regular SUSE Manager key, special Beta Registration Code is required. Thus, you don’t have access to the SUSE Manager online channels without a Beta Registration Code.

The Beta Registration Code is the key to unlock the Beta Subscription in our SUSE Customer Center. The Beta Subscription consist of giving access to our SUSE Manager 4.1 Beta and SLES 15 SP2 Beta Online Channels.

We will not provide a beta product subscription or beta product registration code by default for the SUSE Manager 4.1 Beta Program. You might request one via, please specify if you want a registration code for SUSE Manager Server, Proxy or Retails or for all of them and for which architectures.

– Contact Beta Manager

Do you have a question or an issue to report on our Beta Program? Want to get in touch with our Product Managers or Engineering team? Or simply share a feedback? Please do not hesitate to contact us via!