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Meet SUSE at Cloud Foundry Summit in The Hague


If you’re looking for a great excuse to visit the Netherlands, learn about Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, and hang out with a cool and interesting community, come meet the SUSE Cloud Application Platform team at the Cloud Foundry Summit EU in The Hague. SUSE is a gold sponsor of the event, so we’ll have a booth complete with live demos and plenty of the cool chameleons that you’ve come to expect of us. We also have a huge number of people attending including engineers, project leads, product people, and even some sales people if you’re ready to buy something!

In addition, we are participating in a number of sessions, including:

Hands On Lab

  • Project Quarks. Vlad Iovanov (Software Architect for the SUSE Cloud Foundry Project at SUSE and project lead for Quarks) will introduce Cloud Foundry’s Quarks project (formerly known as CF Containerization) and walk you through how it works, what you need to know, and how to get started with it.


Keynote Demo

  • SUSE keynote demo! Vlad Iovanov (Software Architect for the SUSE Cloud Foundry Project at SUSE and project lead for Quarks) will give a live demonstration during the keynote. You and I both know it’s going to have something to do with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes and that it’s going to be pretty cool! Don’t miss it!


Lightning Talks

  • Oh, It Blended! (How SUSE Continues to Combine Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes). Jeff Hobbs (Director of Engineering at SUSE) will discuss how SUSE has an open philosophy and approach with everything we do. That’s why we have been working with the community to bring two important open source projects – Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes – closer together for several years. The goal is to let organizations using Kubernetes take advantage of the developer productivity increases enabled by Cloud Foundry, while making it easier for platform operators to manage. Jeff will discuss the Cloud Foundry Eirini, Quarks, and Stratos projects, with an emphasis on the new Kubernetes Operator for CF.
  • Symbiosis Update: The Latest on How SUSE is Bringing Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Together. Ignacio Gomez, (EMEA Cloud Application Platform Lead for SUSE Cloud Application Platform) will continue our traditional CF Summit lightning talk by giving an update on how SUSE continues to combine the best of the two leading open source application platforms in the industry – Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.



  • Cloud Foundry Test Kitchen. Having already proven that Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes do indeed blend, the popular panel series changes focus slightly to discuss the continuing evolution of Cloud Foundry, including technologies outside of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. It’s guaranteed to be a compelling panel discussion with representatives from Google, IBM, Pivotal, SAP, and SUSE talking about progress to date and visions for the future. Jeff Hobbs (Director of Engineering for SUSE Cloud Application Platform) is poised to re-take his traditional spot on the panel, representing SUSE, after Troy Topnik filled in for him admirably in Philadelphia.


Project Hours

  • Quarks. Vlad Iovanov (Software Architect for the SUSE Cloud Foundry Project at SUSE and project lead for Quarks) will be available to discuss the latest advances in Cloud Foundry’s Quarks project. I know for sure that Vlad would love to hear your questions, and more importantly, help figure out how you can contribute to it.
  • Stratos. Neil MacDougall (Senior Software Engineering Manager at SUSE and project lead for Stratos) will be available to discuss everything to do with the Stratos project — a UI for any Cloud Foundry that also has Kubernetes support. He’ll be happy to discuss it in general, in detail, answer your questions, and figure out you can contribute.



  • Stratos Project Update (User Day). Neil MacDougall (Senior Software Engineering Manager at SUSE and project lead for Stratos) will give an update on Stratos and discuss how you can get involved with the project. Read more below to learn more about Stratos.
  • An Introduction to Stratos: An Open Source Cloud Foundry UI. Peter Andersson (Technical Strategist at SUSE) and Richard Cox (Senior Software Developer at SUSE) team up to introduce Stratos and answer questions such as is your organization making the move to Cloud Foundry, but your operations teams are concerned about learning yet another CLI for managing your deployments? and are you already using (or planning to use) Kubernetes in your operation? They’ll take a closer look at Stratos, an Open Source, Web-based Graphical User Interface (Console) for managing Cloud Foundry, and a  “Single Pane of Glass” for Cloud Foundry Instance and Application Management that runs on Kubernetes and interfaces with Kubernetes and the Kubernetes Dashboard.
  • SUSE Cloud Application Platform Demo. Rob de Canha-Knight (EMEA Technical Strategist at SUSE) will give a live demonstration (hopefully with a wired internet connection) of how SUSE combines Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes together to provide the flexibility and productivity required by agile organizations using the latest SUSE innovations in project Eirini, Quarks and Stratos.
  • Paving the Road to Eirini. Lukas Bickel, DevOps Engineer at SUSE’s partner Adfinis SyGroup and Peter Andersson (Technical Strategist at SUSE) will discuss how SUSE Cloud Application Platform provides a solution for a large Swiss government office. They’ll explain the challenges faced, the lessons learned, and why SUSE Cloud Application Platform is the perfect fit to solve the customer requirements in a highly complex and demanding environment. They also promise to sprinkle the talk with a great many buzzwords, though no word at press time as to whether that includes “blockchain”.
  • Quarks: New Building Blocks for Deploying on Kubernetes. Mario Manno (Software Engineer at SUSE) and Enrique Encalada (Software Engineer at IBM) invite you aboard the Quarks train ride as they discuss the project that simplifies BOSH features while keeping the flexibility of Kubernetes and teach about the framework and its building blocks for deploying cloud-native applications which has the best features of the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes worlds.
  • Multi-cloud Management: Stratos and Kubernetes. Neil MacDougall (Senior Software Engineering Manager at SUSE and project lead for Stratos) and a presumably nattily attired Troy Topnik (Senior Product Manager at SUSE) will dive right into Stratos by demonstrating and describing the work SUSE has done to extend the Stratos management interface to include support for Kubernetes and Helm, using the Stratos extension mechanism to add new endpoint types for Kubernetes and Helm, and showing some of the new features SUSE has been developing. Most excitingly, they’ll talk about where SUSE is headed next in extending Stratos beyond Cloud Foundry into a multi-cloud management interface.
  • Eirinix: Writing extensions for Eirini. Vlad Iovanov (Software Architect for the SUSE Cloud Foundry Project at SUSE and project lead for Quarks) and Ettore Di Giacinto (Open Source Software Developer at SUSE) know that you’ve already heard about a lot about Eirini: it’s an awesome project that allows the deployment and management of applications on Kubernetes using the Cloud Foundry Platform. Instead of Eirini basics, they’ll talk about eirinix: a framework that allows you to extend Eirini, built from the Quarks codebase, which leverages Kubernetes Mutating Webhooks. With the flexibility of Kubernetes and Eirini’s architecture, we can now build features around Eirini, like Persi support, access to the application via SSH, ASGs via Network Policies and more. They promise to explain how this can be done and how everyone can start contributing to a rich ecosystem of extensions that will improve Eirini and the developer experience of Cloud Foundry. I can basically guarantee that this is one of the can’t miss sessions at this year’s Summit.
  • Stratos Project Update: The Future of the Stratos Management UI. Neil MacDougall (Senior Software Engineering Manager at SUSE and project lead for Stratos) and Richard Cox (Senior Software Developer at SUSE) will review the development of the Stratos Web-based Management UI for Cloud Foundry and both summarize and demonstrate the new features and improvements that have been added recently. They will also look forward to the year ahead and discuss where they are heading with Extensions and other planned new features.


So, if you’re in The Hague in September, come to the Summit, come by our booth, and come to our sessions. Our whole team is really passionate about combining Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes and would love to share ideas with you. I’ve never been to the Netherlands before, but I can’t think of a better way to spend time there than mingling with other members of the Cloud Foundry community and meeting customers and prospective customers in person.



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