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iSCSI made easy with SUSE Enterprise Storage


As your data needs continue to expand, it’s important to have a storage solution that’s both scalable and easy to manage. That’s particularly true when you’re managing common gateway resources like iSCSI that provide interfaces to storage pools built in Ceph. In this white paper, you’ll see how to use the SUSE Enterprise Storage openATTIC management console to create RADOS block devices (RBDs), pools and iSCSI interfaces for use with Linux, Windows and VMware systems.

OpenATTIC, a precursor to the coming Ceph Dashboard, enables you to export RBD images with auto-generated Target IQN names, multiple portals, and the volumes you want to use. At the same time, you can manage all those resources visually so you and your team can see everything at a glance.

Download the white paper today to see for yourself.

SUSE Enterprise Storage openATTIC

Figure 1. Export an RBD image to an ISCSI gateway using openATTIC.


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