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GK Software and SUSE: A Proven Partnership in the Retail Ecosystem


The partnership between GK Software and SUSE goes back several years when GK first certified the GK/Retail Business Suite with SLES 11. Since then, collaboration between the two companies has expanded to certify on SLES 12, and more recently on SLES 15.

The GK/Retail Business Suite provides market-leading solutions for stores, enterprise headquarters and contemporary omni-channel retail concepts. Today, GK Software has over 300,000 installations in more than 60 countries.

The GK/Retail Business Suite helps retailers improve the customer experience, expand operational functions and open new revenue opportunities, unleashing innovation and taking the retail experience to the next level. GK/Retail enables retailers to offer their customers optimum service across all channels, consistently and transparently. The GK/Retail Business Suite ensures that retailers can provide the right information and the right processes for shoppers at all touchpoints – whether in store, online or on a mobile device – in real time, without interruptions and tailored for each particular channel.

SUSE Manager for Retail offers a next-generation infrastructure management solution, which is optimized and tailored specifically for the retail industry. It delivers infrastructure management from mainframe and HPC clusters, bare metal servers and VMs, down to point-of-service terminals, kiosks, self-service and reverse-vending systems Linux deployments.

Specifically for the POS, SUSE Manager for Retail facilitates the management, deployment and maintenance of customized images that run on the POS terminals, SLEPOS, creating a completely managed end-point solution for the store. Built on the solid foundation of SUSE Linux Enterprise, SLEPOS provides a reliable, flexible and open platform for point-of-service and point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, self-service systems and reverse-vending systems. These client devices are required for running POS applications such as GK/Retail OmniPOS.

GK/Retail Business Suite and SUSE Manager for Retail bring the power of Linux to the point of sale, providing the best value for retailers. The partnership between GK Software and SUSE is a powerful combination of the best-in-class infrastructure management solution for Linux-based retail environments and the industry’s number one solution for all point-of-sale processes. Together, GK Software and SUSE are delivering a reliable and secure retail solution for the POS.


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