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Enterprise Open Source Backed By SUSE Support


The power of SupportOpen source is not only the way of the future, it is ingrained in enterprises today.  And its usage is only growing.  In fact, you might say it’s the fuel that feeds innovation.  Is the support of the open source community enough for you to be confident?  The answer is “maybe.”  But first let’s look at the growth of open source.

Consider these numbers from the Linux Foundation.

  • 35,000 technologists from over 113 countries have
  • attended Linux Foundation events
  • Over 1M open source professionals have enrolled in free open source training courses
  • 10 out of 10 of the largest cloud services providers are Linux Foundation project contributors and members


And from the 9th annual Future of Open Source Survey:

  • 78% of respondents run part or all their operations on open source
  • 93% have increased use of open source
  • 64% currently participate in open source projects


Clearly it’s time for you to start your own open source project to take advantage of the innovation “door” that open source opens – and start transforming your business today.

Starting your Project

So back to our initial question,  “is the support of the open source community enough for you to be confident in your desion?”  Let’s find out.

Once you choose an open source project for your business, you must ensure that you have or can grow the technical expertise it requires. That is, you may need to put extra time and effort into training employees to the level required to use it. The user interface might be hard to use or you might have a hard time finding the correct drivers to work with your existing hardware. If you are starting from square one, it might take a while to get your staff up to speed, and who has time that kind of time in today’s “business-on-demand” world?

Whether you are considering starting from scratch and deploying open-source for the first time, or if you just want to refine solutions you have in current use, the best plan might be to seek out that same function from an enterprise open source software solution – a solution that has built up a large community of support and services behind them, so you have somewhere to go to if you need advice.

Enterprise Open Source for the Win

When you select enterprise open source solutions, you are backed by a team who knows the ins and outs of the solution.  Additionally and more importantly, you have a team you can go to when you have questions and need immediate answers.

SUSE has enterprise open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions backed by SUSE Support.  And, we work with our partners and the open source communities so that you always get superior solutions. With a SUSE Support Subscription, you have peace-of-mind, providing continued access to updates and service pack upgrades. You can even get expanded support for mixed environments – making SUSE truly the open, open company.

SUSE makes open source dependable for the enterprise. Our products and solutions are highly flexible, yet hardened and secure to work in the most demanding IT environments. With a SUSE solution, you are never alone; our support team is available 24/7.

SUSE Support is Experienced

So you’ve decided on a SUSE Solution.  Let’s talk about the experience you now enjoy.  First of all, our open, open culture means that our Support, Product Engineering, and Product Management teams collaborate and work together regularly.  Together they proactively release multiple security patches and updates to your software regularly.  We also collaborate regularly with our partners and participat in the open source communities.  This means your business is always ready and protected by experts in the know.  You are truly getting the best of the best.

SUSE provides access to real people who are passionate about ensuring that your open source solutions continue to help you meet the changing demands of your business. We staff our support customer care team with certified product experts who have an average tenure of 10 years of making open source dependable for your enterprise.

The Support team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And we provide local-language support in almost every geography.  Our teams have expertise from open source software-defined infrastructure to application delivery solutions.  The bottom line:  No matter the solution or the time zone, SUSE is ready to address your challenges with you.

Find out more about SUSE Support.  If your business depends on it; you can’t afford to go it alone.


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