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Why digitized production needs Software-Defined-Storage for large data


The Technical University of Dresden in Germany is testing the complete individualization of production for Tesla. In this test bed, robots are able to change their tools themselves and to perform different tasks on changing component parts in the production line. While this needs complex software development and a completely digitized supply chain, it is becoming more and more important to document all steps of this automated production. A German supplier of wheel rims for example is documenting its final products by taking high res pictures from a number of different angles.

Documentation can be used to detect defect parts before they are shipped and to have the proof that only flawless products have left the factory. While a refrigerator might only last 10 years and failure will not cause a law suit, a rotator built into a wind turbine might last 30 years or more and a defect wheel rim could easily become a life threat. Why not document every step of production – possibly because of the prohibitive storage cost.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is the most cost effective solution for large data, because it is priced based on nodes rather than on capacity. So customers can deploy commodity servers with densely configured disk storage and can easily scale without having to migrate.

In Germany, we are already talking to manufacturers and presenting our storage proposition to them at IT2Inudstry in November.


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