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SUSE and Market Leadership


When one thinks of market leaders in a space, it often comes down to economics or units shipped. While important, it does not always tell the full story.

Market leadership can (and in my opinion should) be defined in terms of thought leadership and actions.  This definitely should be the case in the Linux space where just 15 years ago we were sneaking Linux systems into the enterprise environments to perform web service duties or act as individual workstations.

My, how time has changed things. Today, Linux is used throughout nearly every enterprise in the world, driving the most mission critical workloads, performing research and taking care of commerce. It is considered to be an integral and necessary part of the data center, no longer the choice of renegades.

So once again as we look at the horizon, the clouds of change are gathering.  The wind that is blowing is built on currents of virtualization and scale-out technology combined with the humid nature of commodity infrastructure.  What we are seeing is the buildup of software defined data centers.  These data centers will be built with technologies such as cloud, scale-out storage and software defined networking components and will provide the ability to flex and grow with the demands of the business thus allowing for more efficient use of infrastructure investment.

You may say, I’ve heard all this before, so what are you saying that is different?

The answer is simple:

SUSE is here to forge a path to the future with you and your business.  We introduced the first true enterprise OpenStack release nearly a year ago with SUSE Cloud and are moving rapidly towards version 2.  We have been following the “Perfect Guest” strategy for years, ensuring that we operate a good as can be under nearly every hypervisor available. We also support both major opensource hypervisors as hosts and continue to innovate with both.  SUSE is well supported in the enterprise ecosystem and trusted by makers of embedded and integrated systems around the world.  All of these are important when looking at the changes on the horizon and considering who you should partner with.

But you say, “I have a competitor’s Linux already, why should I use yours?”
Here are several reasons you should consider SUSE.

  • SUSE brings enterprises innovation ahead of the pack.  This lets you prepare for the next wave of technology change and be prepared to implement it when it sufficiently matures.
  • Our management stack can manage their Linux too, take a look at SUSE Manager.
  • Are they really open, or are they locking you into their products and technologies?
  • Are they really bringing you the latest and greatest technology has to offer?

These are just a few aspects of how SUSE has led the market in the past and present and when combined with our 20 year history of firsts, this makes us a pretty good bet when it comes to selecting your partner for the future.


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